May 11, 2021


After hopping from one store to another for some souvenirs in Pub street, we decided to stopped by at Blue Pumpkin to refresh ourselves and seek refuge from the blistering 38 degrees heat outside. The Blue Pumpkin is a home grown French bakery, an ice cream parlor and a restaurant combined. They are known for their delicious ice cream, fantastic desserts and a delectable array of pastries that you will surely love. We didn't order their famous ice cream because we had it yesterday so we decided to try their desserts instead. The price is fair and what we like about this place is their lounge. It's a fabulous place to relax, check your emails, surf and yes, they offer free WiFi to their customers.



Plenty of space

The desserts was fantastic and they are a must-try when you visit Siem Reap. The staff's and service were great. The place is tidy and clean. We grab some macaron's on our way out and have them as a snack inside the bus to Phnom Penh. Blue Pumpkin is open from 7am to 11 pm daily.              

The Blue Pumpkin
563 Mondol 1
Svay Dang Kum
Siem Reap, Cambodia
TEL: (855) 063 963 574
FAX: (855) 063 760 742












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