Jan 13, 2019

Siem Reap's Road 60 | Where to buy cheap produce and exotic food

Located in the outskirts of Siem Reap town, about 15-30 min by Tuktuk, is a place where locals hang out after days work. Every evening after 5:00 PM, this one-kilometer stretch of road comes alive as locals gather to dine or buy fresh produce which is much cheaper from the city. Food stalls offering a variety of local bbq and snacking options, a night market selling everything from deep-fried tarantulas and crickets to silk worms and a rainbow of tropical fruits. Many mats are laid out for visitors who wish to dine or drink "picnic style". Other stalls sell everything from Children toys, jeans to bags to shoes to bracelets, cellphone chargers and accessories.  Quite early to check the place out but we took it as an advantage to capture some images with a less crowded scene. It's exclusively local and you won't find a mass of tourist coming your way not like Pub street in downtown Siem Reap.

Window shopping without windows

Getting here

Hire a tuktuk from downtown Siem Reap for Php 1,200 ($18-20) round trip. Just tell the driver "Road 60" or show him the location in the google map.

Girl on a bike in Route 60 Siem Reap
Vibrant Atmosphere
Picnic mats where you eat and drink
Mats are laid out " picnic style "
preparation route 60
Some have portable stoves for DIY cooking
Fruits and Veggies sold in Siem reap
Fruits are much cheaper than those in downtown Siem Reap
Fruits to be sell in the stalls
Prepping some Cambodian snacks to sell
Heading towards the aroma of fried insects


It's worth a try but we have solid itinerary the following day. I don't want to mess that up with a bad stomach or something. A cup of boiled snails is about 2,000 Riel ( 0.49 USD) and fried silkworms cost around 3000 Riel ( 0.74 USD). These edible critters are a good source of protein and a daring experience for foodies and tourist

Fried Crickets and Silkworms
Boiled Snails
Motorcyle taxi or tuktuk in Cambodia

An hour later, we're back on the road and into the Cambodian traffic.We bought some exotic fruits like Salak and Burmese Grapes for us to try, then went outside the hotel to grab some Angkor beer and dinner at a nearby store to finish off the night.Our Road 60 experience was great and that stretch of road is a summary of  Cambodians way of life. The only strip where they can dine, be merry and drink in their own local way " Cambodian Style" .

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