Jan 1, 2018

Religious Landmarks, Food and Monuments You Can't Miss in Naga

While others nicknamed it as the "Heart of Bicol," or  "Queen City of Bicol," we nicknamed it as the "Spicy Capital of Bicol." Yes, because it is here we first taste the exotic " Sili Ice Cream" dessert and the popular "Bicol Express" Not just that, a few minutes drive or walk from the city center will take you to the cradle of  Christianity in Bicol and the largest church in Southern Luzon " Naga Cathedral / Porta Mariae."



At the heart of the city's historic core is the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral, a massive squat structure first erected in 1595 and was destroyed by fire in 1768.  In October 1856, it was damaged by typhoon was restored in 1862. The construction of present cathedral in Spanish-Romanesque style was finished in 1843 and damage by an earthquake in 1887.  Restoration begun and on February 6, 1988, the cathedral was inaugurated. Battered  by calamities from the past, it was renovated and boasts some pretty impressive design like the high arch and dome. A must-see when you visit Naga. You can reach Naga Cathedral by foot from San Francisco Church or ride a trike from downtown Naga for a minimal fare of Php 8.00.

Beautiful arc entrance of Naga Cathedral
Naga Cathedral
Los Banos Naga Cathedral
Naga Cathedral Arc
Inside Naga Cathedral


Another church located in the heart of the city is the San Francisco Church built in 17th century. It serves as interrogation  and torture halls of Filipinos who were arrested in 1896 during the Filipino- Spanish war. The church  history is grimed but it is here where the Civil Governor of Camarines drafted his letter of surrender consequently offering the province of Ambos Camarines to the Filipinos. The church is located in Penafrancia St., just in front of Quince Martires plaza.

Sunda Mass at Naga Cathedral


The plaza serves as a symbol of Philippine revolution against Spain and the memory of the 15 martyrs of Bicolandia who were executed by firing squad on January 4, 1897 in Bagumbayan field ( Luneta). The monument was built in 1926, was designed by Crispolo Zamora and sculpted by Jose Barcena.



Spice up your palate and give your senses a rare treat with Bicol's Sili Ice Cream. I'm a fond of eating ice cream such as Haagen daz but I never encountered a taste so confusing like the Sili Ice Cream. There are 3 levels to choose from, level 1 is less spicy and 3 is the most spicy. We just try level 1 and it was sweet, creamy and the spiciness is just an aftertaste. Sili ice cream cost around Php 89.00 per order.  By the way, we ordered some delicious Quesadillas beforehand as appetizers for Php 79.00. You can taste this rare treat at 1st Colonial Grill located at Elias Angeles St., Naga.

1st Colonial Grill Naga City at night

Infamous Sili Ice Cream of Naga


Not far from Colonial Grill is the biggest food chain in the region that has branches in Camarines, Goa, Pili and Naga. We tried their best selling molten lava cake and it did not disappoint. It was one of the best lava cake I had ever tasted. The sweetness is just right and has a gooey chocolate center and will keep you coming back for more.
Delicious food at Biggs

There you have it. These are just few of the historic places and landmarks you can visit while in Naga. We just visit the places near our hotel which is located in Elias Angeles St., Naga. Nagaland hotel is quite good and the rate is not that expensive.


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