Feb 14, 2017

Baguio Food Guide: Baguio's Famous Eats

Baguio has a plenitude of restaurants and diners to delight your palate and slowly gaining traction as a food destination. To help, we visited a few and were not disappointed. I have always been a little obsessed with food, but I’d never consider myself a ‘foodie’. Every place that we visited, food is an integral part of your journey. I'm not saying that travel and food are somewhat concomitant but for me, travel and food have to go hand in hand to have a complete experience.

We were walking around Leonard wood and happened to pass by this place and decided to stop. There were about 10 people lining up and ten minutes later we were able to secure a seat. There must be something going on here because few minutes later there were about 15-20 customers in line. We were handed a menu and ordered a small pepperoni pizza, grumpy juice and strawberry smoothie to go with it. The verdict? Delicious! and I love the strawberry smoothie served in mason jar. They also serve mouthwatering burgers, rice meals, mixed juices, desserts and salads.

Grumpy Joe
Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio City
Price range - under Php 1,000

Eating Delicious Pizza at Grumpy Joe

Lomo Ribs at Canto, Ketchup Food Community
It’s easy to see why Canto, a restaurant at the Ketchup Food Community, is always full with diners (with more lining up outside): the lomo ribs, one of the few offerings on its menu, are just mouthwatering.  It tastes really good, very tender and delicious. The serving is large and good for three. The verdict? Good food and affordable. Canto is a place not to be missed.

Ketchup Food Community
Romulo Drive, across Wright Park
Budget - under Php 1,000

Tasty and delicious Lomo Ribs by Canto

Happy Tummy

I was so happy we found this place. I'm no Thai cuisine expert but I like Thai food - flavorful, spicy and sweet. There are two branches of Happy Tummy, one is in located inside Ketchup Food Community and the other is in upper session road near SM Baguio. We had Tom Yam ( Shrimp) , Pad Thai and some Black Gulaman to go with it. The verdict? Delicious and I love the spicy kick of Tom Yam.

Ketchup Food Community | Upper Session Drive
Near Wright Park | Near Sm Baguio
Budget - under Php 1,000

Eating a Thai dish in Happy Tummy

Eating a Thai dish in Happy Tummy

 Street Food Tripping!

I added one of my favorite street food snack in Baguio. The locals call it Dynamite and it's spicy hot.

Strawberry Taho
Another must try local Baguio delicacy is the Strawberry Taho. No Baguio food trip and vacation is complete without eating Strawberry Taho. The strawberry taho recipe is a dream: mix silken tofu, strawberry sauce, and sago together for a delicious treat!

Footlong hotdogs with lettuce, corn on the cob and lots lots more.

Burnham Park
Budget - under Php 100.00

Spicy street food in Baguio

A must try street food in Baguio

There you have it, my top pick restaurants and food in Baguio City. Even though I felt short on the list, at least it will help  and narrow your list of a must try food  in Baguio.


  1. I would love to visit Baguio for summer 2017! Me and my foodie friends will surely visit these amazing food stops in Baguio.

  2. Hey nice compilation of good eats in Baguio City! :)

  3. I would recommend Grumpy Joe! I love their pizza and strawberry smoothie. You should try their food when you go to Baguio.

  4. Wow! I'm gonna love this place. My province is Pangasinan but never been go to Baguio. Thanks for compiling of good eats in Baguio :)
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  5. I highly recommend Grumpy Joe! Like their pizza.. Excellent post you got there. Looking forward to your next article of good eats, and I hope you make a list of the best place to eat in Batangas. You could check out the best beaches in Batangas.

  6. We went to Baguio City but we never try Happy Tummy. I think we visited the area where the restaurant is located. We are planning to go back there and definitely we're going to visit these restaurants listed on this post.

  7. Thanks for the tip! I will try grumpy joe! :)

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