Oct 24, 2016

Inside Baguio's Famous Haunted House: The Laperal White House

This Victorian inspired quaint house was originally owned by Laperal family along Leonard Wood in Baguio City. The Laperal Guesthouse or popularly known as Laperal White House was built in 1920's and during the World War II, it was used as a temporary garrison by the Japanese. Beheading and torture of men accused of being spies to the Americans are killed inside the house. Though Don Roberto, the Laperal family’s patriarch, survived the war, Doña Victorina died. One unfortunate day, Don Roberto slipped at the front yard and bumped his head that caused his death. A granddaughter of Don Roberto and Doña Victorina is also said to have died after being hit by a car upon crossing Leonard Wood road in front of the Laperal White House. The house’s longtime caretakers have reported seeing apparitions coming to and from the house — specifically, of a woman in white and a little girl.  It gained  notoriety for being one of the most haunted places in the Philippines and earn a descent amount of visitors during Halloween.


After a quick snack at Grumpy Joe - a cozy restaurant that serves delectable food along Leonard wood. We decided to visit the White House before going back to our hotel. It took merely just 15 min to reach it by foot. Hubby was about to pay the Php 50.00 entrance fee for the both of us but I drop the idea of getting inside. I had a queer mixture of feelings when I first look at it. I told  him that I'll just wait for him outside near the main gate of the house. The garage was used as interrogation and torture chamber during World War II. Today, It was converted into a gallery showcasing bamboo art by Philippine Bamboo Association and Tan Yee Kee foundation headed by business tycoon Lucio Tan.



According to my hubby: The house caretaker was doing some landscaping as I walk towards the entrance of the house. The interior  is blessed with beguiling combination of gloom, ornamentation, and extreme rustic. In the fireplace , I hold the camera firmly, jabbed the shutter slowly and bump the iso to 1000+ and the shutter speed is at 1/80 but still blurry. Finally after 5 retakes,  I finally got one. A little bit strange  and move on to the upper level of the house.


According to my hubby: The squeaky wooden stair gives you more of a spooky feel while ascending to the second floor. As I was taking shots of the stairs my cellphone vibrates, my wife texted me that a shadowy figure of a woman is looking through the window on the 2nd floor. I texted her back that I haven't reach the 2nd floor yet and there's no one inside except me because the caretaker is outside doing some landscaping and the other woman is at the ticket entrance. She encourage me to end the tour and as I walked to the exit, I ask the caretaker if  " Is there a guest, visitor or caretaker  inside? She said no and answered that she and the woman manning the tickets are the only ones here during that time. 

I'm not a paranormal fan but I think something eerie going on inside the house. I heard a story of a visitor who happened to have a third eye opened and she saw a woman and a child staring at her. Jay Taruc of IWitness documented his stay at the white house last 2012 and captured a short paranormal experience at the end of the video. A photo went viral when a ghost is seen looking out of the window in the house http://www.viral4real.com/caught-on-cam-ghost-seen-looking-out-the-window-in-baguios-laperal-white-house/. You can click the video link here.


The Laperal White House is just short taxi away from Sm City Baguio and Victory Liner Bus. You can also take one of the jeepneys that plys Mines View Park and Good Sheperd Convent at Bakakeng Terminal at Mabini Street. Just tell the driver that you're heading to the Laperal White House in Leonard Wood.


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