Jul 28, 2016



Chehobo.com is a sale and trade system based in the UAE, designed specifically for travel and tour agencies as well as corporate organizations in order for them to purchase cheap hotel, tour and flight tickets, transfers and events. Our objective is to help travelers find their ultimate option that fits in their budget. With our user friendly system , we assure you full enjoyment and satisfaction during your vacation.

We created Chehobo for travel agents who treats their customer as king and for the companies that want the most marvelous travel experiences.

Yes Tuklaserang Matipid site owner runs a travel and ticketing agency Clicks and Prints Ticketing. It's registered in Department of Trade and Industry,


○ Get connected to over 200 countries, 30,000 cities and 360,000 hotels; Chehobo is the only network that will connect you with the most hotels in the world.

○ Receive fast service and data due to the capacity of System Hosts and Network Infrastructure being in the same location.

○ You can use this travel platform in every step of your vacation You can purchase all of your requirements for the perfect vacation. Everything from Transfer to the airport, accommodation, daily tours, ticket for events is available in Chehobo.

○ Provides safe payment for Credit Card holders. You will be able to finalize the payment via Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

○ Always offers you the best prices available. Chehobo promises you the best available rates.

○ User Friendly The booking platform is created in such a way that even amateurs can use this system without any technical difficulty. we avoid any unnecessary images or buttons so you can experience the easiest booking experience.

○ We offer infinite Customer satisfaction. We work for the travel agents who treats their customer as king and for the companies that want the most marvelous travel experiences.

○ Can be used in mobile devices. Take your business with you everywhere and anywhere, Now available to view in your browser with the responsive design, soon applications will be ready for all platforms.

○ Constantly developing Always be amazed with our product development. When is comes to travelling 'We don't stop here' , leave it to our expert hands to keep advancing on our products for your contentment.

Finding a hotel with good rates is a tedious task. Chehobo hotel booking does it all. I myself had a hard time looking for cheaper rates when I'm traveling and I find Chehobo booking portal have the most competitive and cheaper rates than other portals.


It's fairly simple, just send a mail to vipershot2001@yahoo.com or use the contact us widget in our blog and leave your email address. Your email address will serve as your log in name and I will be the one to create your temporary password which later you can change by your own password and personalize it. I will send your log in details to your email address you provide. I will only allow 20 invites for now. Hurry, Book and Save.



 Send me mail to vipershot2001@yahoo.com or use the contact widget on the left side of the                 website and leave your valid  EMAIL ADDRESS, NAME AND LAST NAME.


 After receiving your email, I will register and make the account and password for you which
               later you  you can change into your own once you log in and personalize it.




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