Dec 15, 2010

Who are we?

Who is TuklaserangMatipid?

Tuklaserang Matipid is the brainchild of Jess and Eric, a couple who have the same passion for traveling, exploring and photography. They were the first few tourist who ventured the hinterlands of Mangagoy in search for the widest waterfall in the Philippines and the mystical river of Hinatuan for just Php 2,000 in 2010. They won second place in the IAMEXPLORER blogging contest sponsored by Microsoft Philippines for blogging their Mangagoy and Hinatuan journey 6 years ago. Now, they still document their travels through this blog and continue to share the hidden beauty of the Philippines and its wonderful people.

What do you do when not traveling?

We ran a craft business, photography and  travel agency - Clicks and Prints.
Clicks and Prints Crafts
Clicks and Prints Travel and Tours

What Camera Do You Used?

A lot of  Photography questions had been flooding our inbox lately. I use Fuji's X-A1 mirror-less camera with 16-42mm and 40-150mm lens while my hubby use a  Canon 7d with 10-22 ultra wide lens, a nifty fifty and 85mm for portraits. We also used a DJI drone for aerial shots and footages.
Post - Processing?

We don't overcooked the images during post- processing. We just add a little vibrancy and color correct to add additional feel and enticing element to our photos.

Travel Quote to Inspire Others?

Traveling is a collective experience. It's not about how many places you've been
but the memories you collect during that short period of time.

-Tuklaserang Matipid

 Jeswinda ( TuklaserangMatipid) - Certified Wanderluster
Eric - Photographer, Web and Graphics Designer


  1. You indeed have great photos here, keep 'em coming! Also, continue writing informative articles! Great blog!

  2. Hi,

    My name is Kim of Jacaranda Travels I saw your blog while looking top travel bloggers in the Philippines.
    I like your enjoyment to this place specially that you are enjoy with different types of jelly fish and have a cave that make sure you love it and you amze here.Very imformative blog to other that want to go there.

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    Thank you, hoping for your positive reply.

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  3. Good day,

    I am the owner of Go To Tops Shuttle Services. We are a company that brings people from Dessert Factory, SSY Center (across JY Square) to Tops and Temple of Leah, Cebu City.

    I'm not sure if you've covered those places already but we would like to ask if you can feature us in your blog? We can offer you free trips if you haven't tried our service yet or if you already have a blog about it, we are hoping that you can include our details in it.

    We can check more about us at

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks so much.

    1. No problem :-)I love to feature your company in our blog. I will let you know when we visit Cebu. Thank you for your interest.


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