Sep 3, 2015

The Kid Sunshine of Cebu

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Pinoy Big Brother, more popularly known by its abbreviated title PBB, is the Philippine version of Big Brother. A high rated reality tv show where a number of Filipinos volunteered to live inside a house for a certain number of days. 

Two months ago, Abs- Cbn aired the new season of the franchise called PBB 737 teen edition.The first batch of housemates was introduced including Ryan James Bacalla, a Sinulog dancer from Cebu and  the first housemate to be interviewed by Boy Abunda tonight and Tv Patrol. I was impressed by his dancing skills and he's one of my bet since day one.

One day, I slept late and watched PBB from Iwantv app from my ipad. It's a free service that hosts your favorite local channels ( Abs-Cbn, Studio 12 and Sky Cable programs). Well of course you need a fast internet to watch. Going back, Ryan went to the confession room and had a little chat with Big Brother.

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As I was watching and listening to their conversation, an image of him taken few years ago pop on the screen.

I replay and paused it and saw my tuklaserangmatipid watermark at the bottom of the screen. I was in incredulity for a brief moment and I can't believe that it was him. 

Kid Sunshine Cebu, Sinulog Dancer 
Ryan James Bacalla

The photo was taken during Sinulog festival last 2012 with his fellow dancers along Osmena St. hours before the dance parade kicks off. Original post can be found here. They found the photo thru my hubby's flickr account which he publicly shared online or googled it. 
Apart from being cute, his jolliness and dancing skills caught our attention.  Sadly, we didn't  get the opportunity to see him perform but thank you for making our Sinulog experience a memorable one.

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