May 31, 2015

The Irresistible Sugar Encrusted Desserts of Calea

It was 6:00 am and I was awoken by the load squeaking of the bus brakes. I looked out the window and saw a truck carrying truckloads of sugar cane crossing the dusty unpaved intersection. I veered to my left and saw the massive sugar cane plantation probably hundreds of hectares. That's the time I realized that we're definitely near Bacolod.

Bacolod relies heavily on sugar cane trade as its major industry and sugar is one of the major ingredients used in the baking (Cakes, Desserts, Pastries and etc..) Sounds like a paradise for sweet tooth lovers. There are two famous bakeshops in Bacolod, the El Ideal Bakeshop in Silay (One of the oldest bakery in the Philippines) and Calea Pastries. But due to bad weather and lack of time, we haven't got a chance to visit El Ideal. Quite frustrating but still glad we have visited Calea Pastries and Coffee in Lacson St.

Calea Pastries and Coffee

Upon our arrival, we immediately notice the rustic front doors. It was like entering a shop that is set on the middle ages. The warm light gives a cheerful and comfortable ambiance to the place.

Home of delicious pastries in Bacolod

A Haven for Sweet Tooth Lovers

A wide array of freshly baked cakes and desserts awaits you. There are no printed dessert menu, just go the lighted elegant glass display and point out what your taste buds desire! If you're undecided on what to order, a helpful and suggestive attendant will be happy to help you.

We single out chocolate flavored cakes because we want to try something buttery and sweet. We had some of their best sellers, Butter Sansrival, Broken Glass Pie (Cathedral) and Frozen Mocha to go with our cakes .

Inside Calea

Many cakes to choose from


About five minutes later, our orders came out. Few snapshots to document it and done, we're ready to taste one of the best cake place in Bacolod. I find the butter in Sansrival too overpowering but we love the crunchiness and taste. As for the Broken Glass Pie, I love the taste, jiggly appearance, crumbliness of the crust and not too sweet. One of the best cathedral window cake we had ever tasted. Coffee perfectly goes well with cakes, right? and here in Calea they have what they call "Frozen Mocha". It is a frozen coffee mocha served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


We tasted a lot of cakes and desserts, not to mention the mediocre ones but we never tasted as good as Calea. We're not fond of sweets but Calea take desserts to a whole new level. It's worth stopping by. So if you happen to be in Bacolod, don't leave without visiting Calea.

Calea Pastries and Coffee

Calea Lacson St. - Lourdes C Bldg.,(across L’Fisher Hotel)
Lacson St. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

(034) 433-8664

Calea Robinsons Place - East Block

Rundown of expenses
• Butter Sansrival - Php 85.00
• Broken Glass Pie - Php 65.00
• Frozen Mocha - Php 80.00

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