Apr 19, 2015

Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant | A Native Dining Experience

Finding the best places to eat in Cebu can prove a somewhat daunting task. A myriad of restaurants, fast foods and bars engulfed the metro.You will face seemingly endless possibilities in finding that perfect place to eat and dine with your family and friends. If you're in Cebu what comes in your mind? Of course Cebu's famous lechon! Cebu is known for its mouth watering lechon (roasted pig). A lot of restaurants are serving lechon in Cebu like Cnt Lechon, Rico's, Zubuchon just to name a few. I even experience eating lechon in a street food stall during Sinulog 2011. But what if you want to try some serious Filipino food?
LANTAW, is a Cebuano word which means “to look out”
I heard about this restaurant long ago but finally last Sinulog 2015, I got the chance to visit the place with my friends. We heard that it gets full towards dinner time and you must call the restaurant to reserve. We tried calling Lantaw but we can't get through. After a few failed phone calls, we finally decided to go there without a reservation.

Taxi cost us around Php 180.00 from our Lapu Lapu hotel to Lantaw floating resto in Day-As Cordova. If you're coming from downtown Cebu, the taxi fare will cost you around Php 300-400. Don't let the cab wait for you, driver's hourly rate is Php 300.00.

The Lantaw Restaurant Chain in Cebu has two branches, Lantaw Floating Restaurant (Cordova) and Lantaw Native Restaurant (Busay). Haven't been to their Busay branch which is located in the mountains of Busay but I just read somewhere that it has spectacular views of Cebu City and Bohol during nightfall. You have to negotiate with a taxi driver to go there.

The Place?

Good thing we were able to get good seats outside without a reservation. The entire staff was very accommodating and courteous. Nice ambiance and a perfect view of the sunset.

What We Eat?

We ordered Garlic Buttered Crabs, Grilled Pork Belly, Kinilaw, Talaba, Adobong Kangkong and fresh shakes for our drinks. Food was great especially the buttered Crabs and Kinilaw.The glasses in their drinks are quite unique by the way, they are serve in Garapon which you won't see anywhere else.

Overall, it's a great restaurant with amazing views and great food. Their customer service is also good and the prices are not too steep. We left the restaurant after two hours and we cannot believe the long line of customers waiting to be seated.

Tuklasera Tips
• Make advance reservations to avoid disappointments. They put a limit to their reservations so they could still accommodate walk-in guests. You can reach Lantaw with this following numbers Cordova (Day-As): 032-5142959, 09332704731, 09175522813, 09273151695 / Busay: 032-5110379, 09225751173, 09998502684, 09339505323.

• You can pay additional Php 50.00 to request for a cab. Just approach the guard on duty or one of the restaurant staff and he/she will be the one to get one for you.

• You can download or view the menu here by http://cebubestrestaurants.com in pdf format.

Getting here from Lapu Lapu

From the Lapu-Lapu City PUJ Terminal, take a jeepney bound for Cordova. Inform the driver that you’ll be disembarking at the “crossing”. From the crossing, hire a pedicab to take you to Day-as Port/Wharf. Or you may say, “bakhawan” (mangrove area). Pedicab fare is P10 per person + Entrance Fee to the port, P1 per person.


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  2. This restaurant is truly nice. It really looks promising. The food, scenery, everything! I'm glad I was able to see this <3 It just made me realize I miss Cebu already, and now I'm craving and absolutely want to try and explore it more despite my busy schedule :)

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  5. The view is so beautiful. I haven't been to Cebu in years so the next time I get there I'll be visiting Lantaw. Thank you for posting their menu, their prices are above average for me I guess.

    1. Good food and nice ambiance, definitely a must visit when you're in Cebu. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Looks like a fantastic restaurant, I'm heading over in a few weeks so I'll be sure to check it out. Any other must sees in Cebu for us?

  7. haha I'm going to Cebu and will add this place to travel :D

    1. Thanks don't forget to book or call the resto ahead prior to your arrival.

  8. Hi I would like to book for tomorrow evening around 6pm...

  9. Hi! If I may ask, how about the price of their food?

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