Mar 31, 2015

Boracay for under Php 1,000 A Day

We rounded up most interesting super savers we can find in the island of Boracay. This includes accommodation,food, shopping and activities under Php 1,000 ( $25) and even FREE. Trust me, I was able to squeeze my budget to the fullest.


Boracay rates are divided into two seasons. Low season is from June - October while the High season is from November to May.White divers, Sundown Resort and Cena's Guesthouse in Station 3 is a popular place to backpackers and budget conscious travelers. Just remember you're in an island and you spend most of your time frolicking in the beach not in your hotel.

White Divers ( Station 3 Beachfront)

Low Season Rates

Double Room for Php 600.00 - fan cooled, tv,wifi and shower.

Family Room for Php 800.00 - 3-4 people, tv and shower.

Dorm type for Php 200.00 - single, bathroom shared

Sundown Resort

Low Season Rates

Double Room for Php 600.00 - fan cooled, tv, shower

Cena's Guesthouse

Low Season Rates

Double Room for Php 500 - fan cooled, tv wifi and shower

High Season Rates

Double Room for Php 600 - fan cooled, tv wifi and shower

The inns mention above is quite far from Station 2 and 1 where all happenings take place. As you can see, they are all fan cooled but what if you're looking for an AC type accommodation that suits your budget?Well don't panic I have one for you.

Bambooz Hauz (Station 1)

Rates start at Php 850 for low season and Php 1,000 for the high season. Not a beachfront accommodation though but it's a 5 min walk to the white beach. You can book directly here.

• Spacious room

• Double deck beds

• Refrigerator and Free use of the stove

• Dual Aircon with Tv

• Private Bathroom

• Secured and clean

• Friendly staff

Getting Here

From Jetty Port

Hop on a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off in front of Two Seasons Resort or The Horse stable in Station 1. It's a 2 min walk from the main road to Bambooz Hauz.


Cliff Jumping

Cost: FREE

Far north of Station 1 is a paved path that leads to Diniwid beach. Just be sure the tide is high before making a jump.

Cliff Jumping

Beach Bumming in Puka

Cost: Php 80.00 (Trike fare)

Puka Beach in Brgy Yapak recently placed 6th on Trip Advisors Top 25 Beaches in Asia last 2014. You'll greatly be rewarded once you get to the beach.

Beach Bumming at Puka Beach

Paraw Sailing

Cost: Php 150.00 / person

A must try in Boracay is Paraw Sailing during sunset. A lovely experience especially when sailing with your love one, friends or family.

Paraw Sailing

Learn to Skimboard

Cost: Php 100.00 (1 hour)

Learn the basic of skim boarding with the help of the locals. Not that easy though, but you'll get hang onto it once you learn your balance. The best time to do this is around 4 to 5 pm.

Skimboarding for Php 100.00

Catch a Boracay Sunset

Cost: FREE

Boracay Island is not just know of its white beaches and crystal clear waters, It is also known for its stunning sunset. Best viewed at Station 1 near Willy's Rock, where the sun perfectly aligns straight in the horizon.

Catch the Sunset in Boracay and it's free


Andoks and Mang Inasal are my top budget choices in food while in Boracay. Price ranges from Php 100-300 per meal.


There are a bunch of flea markets and shopping stalls along the beach of Boracay. We usually buy some stuff (Pasalubong, beach outfits etc..) in Talipapa where the prices are kept in minimum. The prices here can be haggled, depends upon your haggling skills.

A smart traveler always find ways to save. Spending money in Boracay is irresistible but there's nothing worse than coming back from your amazing vacation and ended up realising that you overspent.


  1. This just proves that we cal all enjoy the world-class beach of Boracay at a very affordable price.

    Just get a promo flight, print out this post and take this with you and enjoy!

    I'm currently searching for very affordable guesthouse/hostels in Boracay, also cheked hostelworld until I stumbled upon your blog post. Thank you. very helpful!

  2. Hi Jes,

    Just want to drop by and say HI! :) been lurking on your blog for quite some time now but never really had the chance to comment until today. Anyway, I truly admire your shots and I think with the awards that you are receiving it really speaks about how incredible your shots are. Kudos!

  3. Inviting everyone to join Facebook's Photo of the Day ‪#‎POTD‬ group and share your winning POTD! Thanks!

  4. Hi! Nice articles you have here. Thank you for sharing your travel experiences and amazing photos. My partner and I will be visiting this place for the first time this May to celebrate our first anniv. I have been searching over the net to hopefully come up with "romantic" itinerary and this post definitely gave me good ideas. Thank you! I hope you know that you're doing so much more than just posting articles. God bless ☺

    1. Thanks Jay-R for the inspiring words :-). Have a great time in Boracay.

  5. Vacationing at Boracay need not to be that expensive especially in the accommodation. There are various hotels and lodging houses that are affordable and has good amenities, you juts need to find them and be smart.

  6. Hi,

    Anybody here will go from manila to tagaytay to batangas to caticlan (boracay). Leaveing at manila this 28 of May?
    if yes, can ia go with you since I am a solo back packer... please...


  7. Awesome, I like most of the picture and remain me to my home island, Bali Island. its look like Kuta Beach in Bali...white sand, so adorable

    Big Hello

  8. Nice blog and pictures :) I will be traveling to Boracay in July. Just want to check on the paraw sailing that you mentioned - 50php. Quite cheap..I mean really cheap compared with the other blogs that I have read. So how did you find that 50php price? THANKS! ~Cookie

    1. Typo error sorry about that. The figure is suppose to be Php 150 not Php 50.00. Thanks :-)

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  10. Water activities are a must try in Boracay! I got to try cliff diving and kite surfing. I experienced scuba diving as recommended by boracay beachfront hotel(where I stayed at). It’s hassle-free because they suggested diving instructors for me. Philippines is very rich in marine diversity that’s why it’s a perfect spot for scuba diving. I’m already day dreaming of coming back.

  11. So far, your blog about budget travel to Boracay is the best and most informative I've read. I like the info you gave for budget accomodation, specially that one of Bambooz. Thanks a lot!

  12. So far, your blog about budget travel to Boracay is the best and most informative I've read. I like the info you gave for budget accomodation, specially that one of Bambooz. Thanks a lot!

  13. Thanks for this very informative write-up. May number po kayo ng contact nyo sa paraw sailing? We'll be getting there sa October. Hope na meron po. Eto kasi yung pinakamurang paraw sailing na nakita ko :)

  14. Hello!! Allowed po ba ang pets kahit saan po dito sa kanila? Thanks in advance!


  15. This is some extremely great advice .These travel tips are going to come in very handy next year when I move to Europe!!.Thanks for this post!

  16. your blog about travel information is simply the nice and providing lot of practical information. Thanks


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