Jan 9, 2015

Photography Gears We Use

Canon 7d
 Lens : 10-22 Ultra Wide Angle
            85mm 1.8 Prime
            50mm 1.8 Prime
We have been using this camera for 4 years now  and never disappoints. Its durability was tested during Pope Francis visit in Leyte where we were out in the open and started raining. I'm glad that it survived, thanks to its weather sealing feature and durability. Great for landscapes and low light.

Fuji X-A1
 Lens : 16-42 mm

Our personal favorite when it comes to color, weight, durability and versatility. I'm glad we bought this this camera and been loving it ever since. The color and detail is superb and very easy to use. It's quite old and planning to buy Fuji X-T1 or newer. I'm looking for Good Samaritans or Fuji to sponsor one 😍 .  We're planning to retire the Canon 7d and replace it with Fuji for so many reasons.  Here are some of the comparisons why we chose Fuji against Canon.

☺Fuji is more lightweight than Canon 7d
☺Fuji nailed the focus and colors accurately
☺Fuji XA-1 have no weather sealing but it survived during torrential rain and cold temperature in     Mt. Pulag. Most photos in Mt. Pulag are shot using Fuji X-A1. Superb Camera!
☺Fuji uses Wireless Transfer app
☺Easy navigation
☺Superb in Street Photography

Action Camera 4k

Still looking for sponsors for this gadget😀. Drop me a message if you want me to review and use it for my travels.

We used Dji's Spark for aerial footage. We bought it for $499 and it comes with a remote with OTG, case and extra batteries for a longer flight time. It shoots 1080p and works perfectly.

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