Dec 6, 2013

Fa Yuen Street, Hong Kong's Sneaker Street

There is nothing more exciting to do when in Hong Kong than shopping. It’s the ultimate destination for anyone with a fistful of credit cards and a desire for designer goods, name-brand baubles and threads, and chic accoutrements at bargain prices. But if your in a tight budget and looking for cheap goods then this night markets are the best place to start. While Stanley, Mongkok (Ladies Market) and temple night markets are popular among tourist and locals.There is one market though the Fa Yuen market that is increasingly popular to locals and tourist.Known to few as the "Sneaker Street", for the large number of sports footwear outlets located here. Many shops are under the same ownership and, whilst shops often offer discounts, prices are generally no more competitive than those in department stores and outlet shops. However, the range of goods is extensive, with all the latest designs being available, and retailers here will often throw in a small free gift with purchases.

OPENING HOURS - Around 10-30am to 10-30pm (some shops in "Sportswear Street" open later).

fa Yeun Street Hong Kong

fa Yeun Street Hong Kong

fa Yeun Street Hong Kong

Getting to Fa Yuen Market

By Taxi: Fa Yuen Street, Monkok

By MTR: Monkok Station. Exit B3. Go up steep escalators to walkover bridge. Exit to Fa Yuen Street markets. You can see them on the left when you look down from the walkover bridge.

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