Dec 27, 2014

Bacolod Jeepney Routes

Jeeps always end the route around the Central Market or close to it on Burgos St. Whether that is next to the market, near Gaisano Main, or near Lopues Araneta depends on the route. If you want to go to the market and are coming from the north side of town, it is best to get off at Plaza Mart or the Plaza and simply walk the rest of the way.

Jeeps are referred to by their Barangay name. For example, the Bata-Libertad jeep is always called "Bata". Most jeeps, for obvious reasons, are going to residential areas. So if you are just visiting, you won't need to worry about them.

Bata-Libertad - Goes to the North Bus Terminal, Barangay Bata, the Capital Lagoon, Bacolod City Plaza, SM or Plaza Mart, then Libertad, and finally Central Market.

Mandalagan-Libertad - Goes to the North Bus Terminal, down Lacson St. and finally turning to go straight passed the Plaza to SM or turning passed Plaza Mart. Then the jeep goes straight to Libertad. This jeep will drive through Libertad. If you want to take a bus to the south (a regular bus, not Ceres), then you should take this jeep or Shopping-LaSalle. As well, take this jeep if you wish to buy fruits or vegetables in Libertad.

Banago-Libertad - Goes from Barangay Bata to Libertad. Always passes by SM. Does not pass by Central Market (the building) but instead goes passed Lopues Araneta.

Airrport-Central Market - From Airport subdivision to SM. Travels in front of Lopues Araneta, Lopues San Sebastian, and Gaisano City.

Alijis-Central Market - Travels near to Panaad Stadium. The jeepney can be taken on Araneta street near Lopues Araneta or Centrum.

Sum-Ag-Central Market - Get a jeepney anywhere along Araneta street or SM.

Pta. Taytay-Central Market - Get a jeepney anywhere along Araneta street or SM.

Homesite-Central Market - Goes to the New Government Center to SM. You can take the jeepney across the street from Gaisano Main. Travels past Lopues East.

Sta. Fe-Central Market
Villamonte-Central Market
Donya Juliana-Central Market
Eroreco-Central Market
Tangub-Central Market
Mansilingan-Central Market - Get a jeepney along Araneta. This jeep is more rare to find.

Taculing-Central Market
Fortune Town-Central Market
Shopping-Libertad (University of Saint La Salle) - Take this jeep when you want to go to the Ceres Terminal, Libertad, or USLS. This jeep will go right past the South Ceres Terminal and you can easily find the regular buses that go to the south along this route as well. If you are going to USLS and it's not normal school hours, be sure to tell the driver otherwise you'll have to get off at the Jollibees and walk the rest of the way.

San Dionisio-Burgos
Shopping-Burgos (via New Northbound Terminal)
Bangga Pepsi-New Government Center - Goes directly from Pepsi to the New Government Center, mostly outside the city. It does go in front of Lopues East, however.

Shopping-Libertad (Colegio San Agustin - Bacolod) - Take this jeep when wanting to go to Libertad, CSA or the South Ceres Terminal.
To take a jeepney or bus to the south, ride Mandalagan or a Shopping-Libertad to Libertad and get off at the Mang Inasal. You'll see all the jeepneys and smaller buses going to the south from there. If you want to take a Ceres liner to the south, take Shopping to the South Ceres Terminal.

To take a bus or jeepney to Northern Negros Occidental (or just called "north" to many Bacolodnons), take Bata, Shopping-Burgos, Mandalagan, or Pepsi-New Government Center to the North Ceres Terminal. If you do not wish to take a Ceres liner, get off at Ceres or right before it and cross the road.


  1. Fascinating 'jeepneys'. I know jeepneys look different. Correct me if I'm wrong. Does that jeepney look a little bigger?

  2. Long jeeps ply longer routes like Burgos Alangilan. Short jeeps ply city routes.

  3. Can I ask how to go to Lopues South?What jeep line can i ride?


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  8. ano pong jeep pwdeng sakyan from fortune town to gaisano?

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