Nov 24, 2014

Tibiao...An Eco-Adventure Wow

Tibiao, a quiet town nestled south of Caticlan is slowly becoming an eco tourist destination fave by adrenaline junkies, travelers and tourist. Tibiao is known for kayak whitewater rafting (where you navigate the river in kayaks) , Kawa Hotbath (An exotic and soothing experience) and Fishspa (where doctor fishes nibbles and exfoliates your skin removing the dead skin, cuticles and etc). Aside from those activities, you can hike to Bugtong falls (seven tiered waterfalls located at Brgy. Tuno) or just take a dip at Tibiao river ( a perfect place to rejuvenate your body).

From Caticlan, We took a 2 hour bus ride to Tibiao.Directions on how to get to Tibiao can be found here. Habal Habal ride from Brgy. Importante to Kayak Inn in Brgy.tuno is 30 min.

A Warm Welcome

A very warm welcome greeted us when we arrived in Kayak Inn. While they are still busy preparing our room for the night, we took a picture of their rates.

Kayak Inn rates

Taking a Dip In Tibiao River

The river is filled with trees along its side making it more inviting to dip and swim. A perfect place to rejuvenate our tired body from the non-ac bus trip. Our good and fun experience suddenly turns bad when I slipped and swept away down to the streams with cluster of big rocks waiting for me ahead hitting my pelvis. Its like water tubing without the inflatable donut.. Ouch!

Tibiao River, Antique 

Tibiao River, Antique

Tribal Curl
For a fee of Php 100.00, she can have your hair curl the natural way using madre de cacao.
Nipa hut Kayak Inn
 Nipa Hut Cottage

These Nipa huts are probably the most simple accommodation  we ever stayed but what I like most is the placidity of the place.The soothing sounds of water flowing from the river makes you comfortable and calm before you sleep. Don't expect any luxuries like cable tv, hot shower and internet because there are none. Well you do have one amenity that you can avail, a pet! 

I woke up my hubby and told him that there's a tuko (Philippine Gecko) in our ceiling. He replied that its good to have tuko's around because they devour on mosquito's,flies, roaches and bugs and besides they are harmless. Don't fret, there are no mosquito's around during our stay but bringing a mosquito repellant can come in handy sometimes. Cottage rates can also be found here. Breakfast is free for overnight stays.You can bring food and have them cook for you with a little fee of course. 
 Nipa hut Kayak Inn

Get Ready To Be Cooked Alive!

The following morning, I'm excited to experience the Kawa hotbath with simmering medicinal plants like Alagao leaves and Kamantigue flower. Alagao leaves are known to cure coughs and headache while Kamantigue is known to cure rheumatism, fractures and fingernail inflammation.Perfect for my cough that has been lingering me for two days now. 

Cleo, the kid wearing a jersey shirt fired up the giant wok using "salung" of the tree (tree resin), woods and leaves.
Kawa Hotbath Tibiao Antique
Kawa Hotbath Tibiao Antique

Jacuzzi Wok

A soothing and calm experience. The treatment lasted for 30 min and guess what? my cough went away after a day. The Alagao leaves works well. 
Kawa Hotbath Tibiao Antique
Hanging Bridge

Later that day we bid goodbyes to Ate Shiela and Kuya Edwin of Kayak Inn who treated us like their own family during our short stay. We skipped going to Bugtong falls and fish spa because my pelvis is still in pain and we have to travel to iloilo then to Bacolod using a passenger ferry.

Fun things to do

Go whitewater rafting by Kayak
Hike to Bugtong Falls
Try Fish Spa for just Php 20.00 ( Go to Tibiao FishSpa first and book your eco tourism adventure there).Google Katahum tours for rates and packages.

Go Zipline at Zipline Inn
Kawa Hotbath

Tuklasera Tips 

If you're planning to stay overnight, be sure to contact Kayak Inn in advance for availability. 0921-570-1947 / 0905-9062380 Sheila and Edwin

There is a gasoline station at Brgy. Importante, where you can buy bottled drinks, water and snack.
Habal Habal fare is P100 per way.
Zipline Inn is just few meters away from Kayak Inn.

Rundown of Expenses

• Habal Habal Fare - Php 100 / person /way

• Entrance fee (Zipline Inn) - Php 100 / person
• Nipa hut Accommodation - Php 500.00 / night
Kawa Hot Bath - Php 200.00 / session
• Food - Php 500.00


  1. Did you try the kayak whitewater rafting? That sounds so cool.

    1. unfortunately we were not able to try it. but yeah kayak water rafting is really a must try, we should have tried it , if only i didn't get injured =(

  2. The place is beautiful but it is not as popular. I love how you captured the waters. I love how it fades with the light. So beautiful.

  3. I am inspired by this post. Will definitely add Tibiao to my must-visit places in Phihlippines. :)

  4. Gad. That huge wok reminds me of those cannibal movies. hahaha. This place looks interesting.

  5. The Kawa Hot Bath is one for the books really. Hope to try it out one of these days :)


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