Nov 9, 2014

Perth Paradise Resort...A Piece Of Paradise in Sipalay

 Perth Paradise Resort...A Piece Of  Paradise in Sipalay

 Sipalay is a far flung town, it is a paradise owing to its natural beauty. Among its many attractions is its lengthy stretch of beaches lined with charming resorts ideal for overnight stayers. Among these are sugar beach (haven for backpackers), mountain resorts (like one below) ,caves and hidden tourist traps.

From Bacolod City proper, we took a short jeepney ride (Shopping-Libertad route) to Ceres south terminal along Lazuriaga street. Not only do the jeeps go almost everywhere in the city, but the drivers and locals are extremely helpful and will get you where you need to go. Buses run every hour so don't worry about it. There are no direct buses going to Sipalay so we took this route instead.The Hinoba-an bus route includes Bago City, Hinigiran, Kabankalan, Cuayan, Sipalay then finally Hinoba-an. For more detailed information you can visit this post on how to get to Perth Paradise in Sipalay.

The 6 hour long bus ride will emotionally drain you so better prepare yourself or rather sleep. A useful tip from me :-).

It was already dark when we reach the resort. Good thing Perth Paradise has its own resto that offers wide choices of delicious meals at a fair price (Php 160-200). However, the cooking time takes around one hour. By the way their chopseuy is a must try! and they provide service water and bucket of ice for your drinks.

Perth Paradise Resort is name after a place in Australia

                                                                   Delicious Chopseuy

Hot water is free of charge for your instant drinks (chocolate, coffee, tea etc ... Uhhh cup noodles too).

Cabana Rooms

The Nipa hut style rooms are tucked perfectly facing the lagoon but it gave us too a refreshing sensation. This traditional Filipino style hut known as " Bahay Kubo" is constructed using bamboos and Nipa Palm materials.Here are the rooms with rates of Perth Paradise as of this writing.

The next day, we woke up early and made our way to the infinity pool. Tiring to climb the steps, but worth in the end.

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The View

Yes, the place is very relaxing and the view is immensely breathtaking. We had this entire pool ourselves because we were the only guest at the resort. I dubbed this as the "King of Infinity Pools".

Birds serenade the place from a nearby trees while the early morning sunlight slowly lit the shadowed islands from afar. It's a paradise!

                                                     I can stay here for a month or so....
Aside from the breathtaking view, the serenity and tranquility of the place will surely make you comeback.

Wildlife Residents

We saw 4 kinds of bird species and some insects. The highlight of this shoot is the Mudskipper. A fish can walk on land using their pectoral fins.They move fast so capturing them through your lens is not that easy.

After an early morning swim in the pool, we went a little bit of hiking to capture the wildlife residents and people around the lagoon.

According to the locals, Fishing is the main source of livelihood here in Sipalay. The boy beaming with happiness, sold his catch to the resort staff for for Php 120 per kilo. I'm proud of you kid!

We came back shortly and have our free breakfast. We had a typical filipino breakfast which is usually sunny side up,fried rice and hot dogs. My hubby hates eggs but he loves to eat leche flan which is an egg based dessert popular here in the Philippines. Pretty weird huh?

After breakfast, we went back to our room to prepare our things for our next destination Dumaguete.

Although our visit was quite short, we had a lot of fun during our stay. The resort staff was great and warm. The facilities are well maintained and there's a security personnel on duty 24/7. So if you're in Bacolod or Dumaguete, be sure to visit to this piece of paradise in Sipalay. A perfect place to disconnect and unwind.

Fun things to do

• Go bamboo rafting (Php 500.00 whole day)

• Go hiking

• Go Island Hopping

• Rent a Canoe and explore the islets near the resort

Tuklasera Tips

• The place have a poor signal reception and sometimes no mobile signal at all.

• Crowded months is during January to March

• Perth Paradise can be contacted here and more info here

• Mr. Diosdado Peralta | 09217865615 (Our trusted trike driver)

Rundown of Expenses

• Bacolod to Sipalay via Hinoba-an route bus fare Php 234.00 / person

• Cabana Room Php 1,000 / night

• Dinner Php 500-600 for two

• Trike fare Php 400 ( 2 persons | round trip)


  1. ang ganda!


  2. Its a shame I'm from Negros but never been to Perth. Photos are stunning. Hope to visit this when I get home. :)

  3. I am proud to say that this resort is in the Philippines. My first impression in this resort PERTH PARADISE RESORT I thought I am in the Australia. World class resorts only in the Philippines. Boracay Island is very famous among locals and also tourist from different country but I might say we should explore and promote all our resorts. Simply beautiful and relaxing resort only in the Philippines.

  4. Because of your post, I am putting this next on my list. So beautiful. The pool and the view is so breathtaking. And it is not that expensive.

  5. OMG THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. Definitely on my list!


    1. Hi! please refer to this link Please call the number located at the bottom of the page. Thank you

  7. Is the food inside the resort expensive, let's say for 3 people. Are there any mini-stores or eateries outside the surroundings of the resort.
    I'm curious, Is the resort worthy for an overnight stay or 2 day stay with all its amenities that it offers?

    1. I'm sorry but there are no eateries around,the food is quite good and not that expensive. An overnight stay is worth it and spend your second day in Tinagong dagat resort which is 10 min away by trike from Perth.

  8. Hello. I've been trying to reach the contact number of this resort. No one seems to answer and the other number seem not to work. Is there any other way to reach them fast? I'm from Cebu. Thank you.

  9. Do you know how much is the current room rates?

    1. I'm not sure Jonamie but you can call them through this number Smart: 0928-459-7412 / 0910-994-4846
      Sun: 0923-901-8944 | Updated : 09127300848

  10. Hi..for the trike fare, 400 for 2 pax roundtrip, do u mean ur whole stay in sipalay? Thanks

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  12. Very nice po..ngayong may 31-june 2 po namin plan mgpunta jan.i love how well you presented the place including the expenses and the fun things to do in the area..thank you

  13. Good day, can anyone tell me if it is allowed have a bbq inside the resort?


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