Jun 12, 2014


We decided to visit Boracay again because we are quite curious about how big the pearl was. Our curiosity lead us to spend way out of our original budget.

From the main lobby, we were directed to a counter near the water park. From there, we paid Php 1,200 /pax for the admission fee to the oceanarium with a buffet lunch combo at Wang Shan Lo Restaurant. Normal ticket prices without the buffet cost around Php 600.00 with free light snacks and drinks.

The Underwater Tunnel

Aside from the Pearl of the king, the oceanarium boasts having the longest underwater tunnel in the Philippines having 30 meters in length.

Boracay Oceanarium
Our tour guide enumerates the fish inhabitants inside the tunnel

With Claire, Hubby, Ruth and her baby Ryu

Boracay Oceanarium

Kids and adults will surely enjoy the place

How big?

The pearl weighs around 6.4 kilos and was found by a filipino diver in Palawan in 1939. The “Pearl of Kings” although big is not considered as a non-nacreous pearl having no iridescence or sheen; thus it is not considered a gem stone. It is said to have come from a giant clam which produces the so-called tridacna pearl. 

Boracay's Pearl of the king

Last 2013, Richard King , chairman of  Crown Regency Hotel introduced the Pearl of the King to the public and it weighs around 9 kilos . He added that he inherited the pearl from his grandfather. It reportedly came from the waters of Palawan like the “Pearl of Allah".  By the way during this writing I have read some news that it was duly recognized  by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Pearl of Allah or Pearl of Lao Tzu is the current holder for the largest pearl in the world by Guiness World Records.

With the Pearl of the King 

Awesome place to chill and relax

Buffet lunch at Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant

The oceanarium boasts some superlatives like the 30 meter tunnel, unique fish inhabitants, sharks, cool aquarium tanks and the Pearl of the King but the admission price was way too expensive and the oceanarium was not that big. It's only been a month since the opening of the oceanarium and hopefully they will add more aquariums and attractions inside but still a nice place to visit.

Getting Here

From Station (1,2,3), take a short trike tide to Crown Regency. Fare is around Php 20-30 / trike
  Rundown of Expenses

• Oceanarium Entrance Fee - Php 1,200 / person with lunch buffet or Php 600.00 without lunch
• Trike to Crown Regency - Php 20.00 / person /way

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  1. Really beautiful shots. We went there when it is Christmas and it is teeming with people. Glad that you managed to go there without that much people.


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