Apr 9, 2014

Bontay Baywalk - The Bridge to the Sea

It was cold and drizzly morning in Santa Fe during our last day of our Bantayan adventure. We plan to visit Kota Fort and Park in Madridejos which is just 30 min away from Bantayan. We love historical places so we definitely won't miss this one. 

We took a tricycle in Santa Fe  to the town of Bantayan. We passed by a number of poultry farms that produces more than a thousand eggs a day.That is why Bantayan is dubbed as the " Egg basket of the Philippines".

The Sts. Peter and Paul Parish

 Built in 1863, the church is one of the oldest in the country and almost 432 years old. The Sts. Peter and Paul Parish was destroyed by fire, allegedly started by Moros, in 1600 but was restored in the same year. It was not just a place for worship as locals supposedly sought refuge there in times of calamities and war. The church facade had a big wooden door around 20 meters high.
Sts. Peter and Paul Parish

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish
Life size statues inside

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish
The rusty interior look of the church

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish

Thirty minutes later, we left and proceed to the jeepney terminal located near the public market. Don't worry about getting lost , friendly locals will definitely point you to the right direction. The fare cost around Php 15.00 to the town of Madridejos. 

The Fort

Kota Fort, Madridejos

We finally reached Kota Park. An old Spanish Fort transformed into a park. Bantayan was originally built in 1790 by the Spaniards to serve as a camp and a watch tower to protect the place and its people from pirates, who raids children for slavery. The fort was turned into a cemetery up until the 1950’s which gives it a haunting ambiance especially at night. Pretty scary huh?


Kota was build by forced labor. People were told to work every Saturday, only once a week, failure to report to help in the construction received punishment. 25 lashes of a whip and one day imprisonment.

Bontay Baywalk

The baywalk is connected by a 187 meter footbridge connecting the shores of the island to a lighthouse or watch balcony.

Bontay Baywalk, Bantayan Island

Bontay Baywalk, Bantayan Island

The wind was blowing furiously during our visit

Bontay Baywalk, Bantayan Island

Bontay Baywalk, Bantayan Island
It's is like the bridge of infinity from this angle
We finally reach the watch tower. You have to climb two levels to the top.  Sadly  vandalised by mindless people visiting the baywalk.

 The lighthouse from the watch tower

Breathtaking view from the watch tower

There is a small museum inside displaying beautiful flowers and old jars. Nothing special but it's free. Don't worry about spending a night here in Kota Park, Lawisanon Cafe has three  very nice, modern aircon rooms with CR and shower. Rates are from Php 1,000 to 1,500 / day. 

  Kota Museum

Kota Park Amenities
Family Cottage: P1,000 with bunk beds, fan and concrete floor.
Gazeebo House: P500 per day
Cabana/Kubo rental at P100 daily, tables for P50 daily, and benches for P25 daily while relaxing on the beach.
 Rundown of Expenses
Jeepney from Bantayan to Madridejos - Php 30.00 / pax roundtrip
Snack - Php 50-200

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