Feb 25, 2014

Conquering Palaui Island

Palaui earns the 10th spot by CNN's 100 best beaches and just last year the reality show "Survivor 27" was filmed here and to be aired this February 2014 according to their website. 

Last May 2012, we set foot on an island called Palaui located off the northeastern extremity of Luzon island. Our boatman fetched us at Jotays Resort and bring us to the visitor center where you log your name and pay a small amount of P50.00 per person for the environmental fee.

We were the only ones at the visitor center so the processing was fast. We bought some hydration drinks and water at a nearby store. Time to board the outrigger to Palaui Island.

We paid around P1,200 for the boat and the journey took around 30min to the jump off point.By the way we chose to hike for the experience. However if you don't want to hike, you can tell the boatman to drop you off at Cape Engano and pay an additional P600.00.

Lets Get It On!

We really thought that it's gonna be an easy hike.

Our strenuous hike begins. The scorching heat of the sun will dehydrate you fast so bring enough water. The hike will take you to picturesque coastlines then to the dense jungle of the island.

Hiking to Camp Engano
After 2 hours of hiking, we finally arrived at the last stretch of our hike. Cape Engano is already visible from here (top). Our guide was so nice that he even volunteered to carry our tripod because my hubby was drenched in sweat hahaha and our guide had only a bottle of water for the entire hike and with no visible signs of fatigue.

Anguib Beach

White and pepsi blue waters of Anguib Beach
Our rented boat was already waiting for us. Remember there are no cellphone signals around so better communicate with your boatman before hiking.


Engano Lighthouse Palaui Island

You have to climbed 100 steps up to the historic Cape Engano.This serves as the guiding light from the Pacific to the extreme northeast point of Luzon, and the channel between the Babuyan Islands and the mainland. Among the lighthouses found in the north coast of Luzon, it is the easternmost among lights . The original light was equipped with a first-order light and it was first lit on December 30, 1892.

Survivor America donates four units of ecological lodge constructed at Punta Verde.
Batanes? No its Palaui

Dos Hermanos Island

Dos Hermanos Island Palaui Cagayan Valley

After a quick dip to rejuvenate our tired body, we decided to leave. We bid farewell to our guide and paid him P500 + 200 tip. Lastly, no amount of money can replace the raw beauty we had witness today. Although we missed the boat to Calayan Island which is our original plan starting from Day 1, but god will never leave you empty handed.

Tuklasera tips

• Bring water or hydration drinks and sunblock
• Cellphone signal is limited on the island. Be sure to communicate with your boatman at the jump off point. The strenuous hike requires great effort so it's better to decide first and talk to your boatman.
• Hiking guide is a must for your own safety.

Rundown of Expenses

• Environmental fee - Php 50.00 / person
• Guide - Php 500 + 200 tip
• Boat to Palaui - Php 1,200 / boat
• Hydration drinks - Php 20 - 50
• Tricycle ride to Jotays - Php 20.00 / pax


  1. Hi there! I have been to Cagayan in Tuguegarao and I love the landscape. I have yet to see those unspoilt islands and beach resorts up north. I heard they are really good.

  2. Hello there tuklasera! I just want to ask if we could stay here for overnight? Or maybe even 2 nights or so. Is it possible? Are there any resorts?

    1. hi raquel! yes there are resorts and budget inns. we particularly stayed at Jotays, they have great food. I love their homemade burger and fries! =)

  3. Its really more fun in the Philippines! I didn't know theres another place in Luzon like Batanes..

    1. Yeah Philippines is blessed with fantastic scenery and wonderful beaches.


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