Jul 3, 2013

Petaling Street...A Shoppers Haven

It was our second time in Kuala Lumpur and we're gonna visit some attractions and historical places by walking,or shall I say a "walking tour". There are no guides or tours just me, my husband and a map. From KLIA, we took a StarWira bus to Puduraya then walked towards Petaling Street (Chinatown).

Petaling Street is a place where the hustling and bustling never comes to an end. Day or night, visitors and tourist alike keep coming to Petaling Street to either dine on the famous street foods here or to get some good bargains on things sold here. It is a paradise if you want to bargain your way to some cheap things. There is almost everything here from clothes, souvenirs to electronic items to fabrics. Other than cheap stuff, Petaling Street is renowned for selling imitation goods like handbags, wallets, watches and shoes from brands like Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Nike and so on. Just like Chinatown here in the Philippines. We just took some photos of the interesting stalls inside.

 Frantic and Lost

The place is crowded with shoppers from all walks of life. From small to hard bargainers you can hear them bargaining in every corner.

Chestnut Aroma

Hawker food stalls are everywhere but we were attracted by a certain aroma. We later found out that it was coming from Chestnuts roasted in sugar and spice. A delightful treat for just RM 5.

The Sand Art

The artist must have an awesome talent and patience to create this kind of art. We didn't witness on how he do it but I think he done it by funneling colored sands from that funnel to the bottle.

sand art petaling kuala lumpur
Putu Bambu or Puto Bungbong in Filipino

A mixture of rice flour, palm sugar (gula melaka) mixed with salt and pandan leaves are added for taste then the items are placed in a bamboo holder and steamed. Below is the finished item that is served with coconut flakes mixed with sugar. RM 2 for 5.

Handmade Flute

The flute vendor with his customize trike. He sells it for a reasonable amount.

From Chinatown,We went north and took a short 8 min walk to Masjid Jamek (The biggest mosque in Kuala Lumpur) and some heritage buildings clustered around Merdeka Square.

Getting here

By Taxi or Walk
Petaling Street is opposite the Kotaraya Shopping Complex and Central Market.

  By Light Rapid Transit (LRT)
Take the PUTRA line and stop at the Pasar Seni station. Petaling Street is just a short walk from here.

From KLIA 

By Train

From KLIA , take the KLIA Ekspres transit to KL Sentral then take the Rawang line to Rawang.Walk to 55 Jalan Petaling or Chinatown.

• By Bus

The StarWira bus can get you from KLIA to Puduraya (or Pudu Sentral). From Puduraya, you can walk to Chinatown (300 metes, 5 minutes). Fare is around RM10.

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  1. So many interesting things to find in that place. I love how you took the pictures with colored sand. So beautiful.


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