Apr 21, 2013

Longest Day | Davao to Clark to Tuguegarao to Sta. Ana Cagayan

A life without travel is like reading only 1 page of the book. Some questions running through my mind while watching this spectacular view from my window seat. Can I still travel long hours 40 years from now?. Can I still witness this magnificent sunset 40 years after?. Well it's a matter of choice, travel memories are irreplaceable. What's your choice?.

Last April 2012, we  took a 5:00 pm flight from Davao City to Clark, Pampanga. We arrived 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled ETA. We exited the terminal and boarded a jeepney going to Dau terminal in Mabalacat. You can read the post here on How to get to Dau terminal from DMIA. We boarded a Tuguegarao bound bus of Victory liner and soon realized that we haven't bought any food for our trip. We hurriedly bought some snacks from  a nearby store and after 10 minutes the bus leaves (In the nick of time). The bus traveled for 12 hours with minor stops along the way.

The following day, we finally arrived in Tuguegarao City. Before we hit the road to Sta. Ana, we stop by first at a local fast food eatery (Jollibee) near the bus terminal. Were not that hungry and so we just ordered meals and desserts good for 4 people for the two of us :-). After our Jollibee eating madness, we took a tricycle to the bus terminal and later find out that there are no buses going to Sta. Ana except for the  Manila- Sta. Ana Florida bus which will arrive the following morning. We asked the tricycle driver if there are any vans going to Sta. Ana?.He said "Yes" there are vans going to Sta. Ana but he can't assure us our safety and comfort. We arrived at the Vhire(Vans for hire) terminal and we told the tricycle driver that we might give it a shot. The condition of the van is not that good, the foams of the seat is almost decapitated and the a/c is not working. During summer months, Tuguegarao tops the hottest place in the Philippines ranging from 32-36 degrees celsius. The van is like an oven and our eyes were like popcorns ready to pop anytime. We endured the 5 hour van ride to Sta. Ana. Tired but fulfilling. 


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