Apr 6, 2013

Backpacking Travel Guide to Batad, Ifugao

backpacking trekking adventure travel to Rice Terraces Philippines
Amphitheater rice terraces of Batad
You can find rice terraces all over Asia, but none is as dramatically impressive as the Batad Rice Terraces, that were carve into the mountains of Ifugao Province here in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people. Batad Rice Terraces is also touted as the “most photograph rice terraces” because of its amphitheater-like setting.

From Baguio, there are two bus companies plying for Banaue.You can either take the Ohayami bus or the Autobus. The Ohayami bus terminal is located along Governor Pack Road and leaves for Banaue at 8:00 pm.  We arrived two hours ahead of  the scheduled departure and pray for our journey ahead because the road to Banaue consists of deep ravines and cliffs. Instead of worrying too much we decided to sleep and 8 hours later we finally arrived.. There are  tricycles willing to drive you to your hotel or inn for a minimum fare of Php 20.00. We have chosen Banaue View Inn because of its proximity and spectacular overview of Banaue rice terraces. Our guide called us and we agreed to pay Php 4,000.00 for the jeepney and  guide going to Batad for tomorrow. It was quite expensive but  provided with good conditioned jeepney, a really good driver, plus safety ride, it was all worth it. 

backpacking trekking adventure travel to Rice Terraces Philippines
Overlooking Banaue City 
The following day, we were blessed with beautiful dark blue hues of mountain sky. We took this shot while  waiting for our guide and our rented jeepney. We ate our breakfast early and prepare our things for the  trek ahead . Our guide Dandy adviced us to purchase bus tickets first to Manila before we start our adventure trek to Batad and Tapiya Falls.

backpacking trekking adventure travel to Rice Terraces Philippines
Florida bus company booking office at Banaue
The booking office abides the "first come first served basis" so  better  purchase your tickets in advance.

backpacking trekking adventure travel to Rice Terraces Philippines
Justice is served!
Banaue Justice Hall ( left side of this building is the Florida bus booking office and post office)
backpacking trekking adventure travel to Rice Terraces Philippines
We called it " The Banaue Style "

backpacking trekking adventure travel to Rice Terraces Philippines
Riding the Jeepney "The Banaue Style" 


  1. I really enjoyed this. Banaue is one of our favorite places to visit when we are in the Philippines. But we are usually in a big family group and don't get to explore it as much as we'd like.

    1. Im glad you were able to visit Banaue. The scenery is just breathtaking and picturesque.

  2. Rice terraces of Ifugao are really amazing and wonderful. It shows the ingenuity of the Indigenous people in the Philippines. They are really great!

  3. wow very nice place to have a quiet vacatin

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  5. It is very similar to Sapa in Vietnam :o Has anyone been there yet? See here https://vietfuntravel.com/blog/things-to-do-in-sapa.html

  6. It is really same as location in Vietnam like Sapa or Maichau. You can check it in here


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