Dec 18, 2012

“All I Want for Christmas is Canon”

I guess, every Christmas we all have our different sets of wishlist, some may choose to have a brand new car, travel to different places, to be home with the family, good health, own a smart phone, food in the table and many more. With social networking media today, sharing all those blessing and memories would be perfect if we will be able to CAPTURE it and share it with our family and friends.
Personally, GOOD HEALTH for my love ones is always at top of my wishlist and next would definitely a CANON DIGITAL CAMERA, why CANON??? Simply because it’s delighting me always!!! And it never fails to give back to their consumers just like Photomarathon events with FREE FOOD, FREE PHOTO PRINTS, FREE BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS, FREE CAMERA CLEANING and my personal favorite is… a chance of MEET AND GREET with the Canon Ambassadors.

Photography is one of our favorite bonding moments with my husband, we both love it, but the catch is it’s either I’ll borrow his Canon DSLR or I’ll borrow my cousin’s Canon S95, in other words I don’t have a CANON camera of my own. In fact, last 2011 Canon Photomarathon Mindanao leg, an 8 hour bus ride from Davao City to Cagayan was never a hindrance to attend the event, and to be able to qualify I need a Canon camera. Good thing, my cousin had one and lent it to me so I can join it together with my husband.  That is the first reason why I want a Canon Camera.
Luckily we were on stage, me for Point and Shoot Cathegory and my husband in DSLR Cathegory
Canon Photomarathon 2011 | Top 10 finalist

Above photo is my point and shoot entry, lower left photo is me with Sir John Chua, right photo is my hubby's DSLR entry

Second reason is , I want a handy , light weight durable but with superb photo quality camera.

Lastly, I love to go to different places and of course it wouldn’t be complete without taking photos of it for blogging and for keep sake purposes.

Our travels and Canon Kadayawan 2012 Photo contest, thank you CANON for the free Kadayawan shirt

C is for a CANON camera in my hand,
H is for a
HANDY one that I can bring around,
R is for
RESOLUTION guaranteedly best,
I is for the
INNOVATION that will stand above the rest,
S is for
SUPERB shots on my photo blogs,
T is for the
TRUST that you can give and brag,
M is for the
MERRY Christmas gift for me,
A is for the
ANGEL who give the gift to me,
S is for the
SANTA who will give the gift I’ll get,
I’m good and he'll bring me everything in my Christmas alphabet!

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