Apr 21, 2012

Tea-rrificly good for the summer heat

 TEA-RRIFIC Fruit Shake

Early Sunday last week, after the morning mass we dropped by SM Mall Davao, funny thing was , obliviously it was still 9 AM and the mall opens around 10 AM hahaha, luckily their grocery area was already open.

We sat down near the food stands and I was intrigued of these new fruit shake, FRUIT SHAKE + ICETEA rolled into one! Love it! Perfect to quench the summer heat this month! I’m a huge fan of tea, hot tea or icetea (basta may tea!) now this fruit shake will be added to my favorites!
 I got my self mango flavor! And it’s really a yum!!! Especially those tiny mango flakes added instead of sago. Will for sure try other flavor soon.
 TEA-RRIFICly soooooooo goooooooood!!!

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