Apr 8, 2012

A place told to be the Language of lovers


Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City, Visayas, Philippines, travel blog, Paradise, budget travel, Davao City, Mindanao
Jaro Cathedral

In our less than 24 hours visit in Iloilo, for me, Iloilo is where you can seek refuge from hustle and bustle city life. A haven to those who seek peaceful and laid back vacation yet still considers a well developed city it can offer. 

After our tiring yet exciting journey from Boracay we decided to have a side trip to Iloilo City, it was my second time stepping foot in Iloilo after 8 years, my first time was when we had our plant tour and seminar back in college (2001).

We reached Iloilo around 4PM, after 6 hours bus ride (CERES). The best thing I wanted to do that time was to REST! My husband then agreed and pushed our Jaro Church visit in the morning before we head off to Iloilo airport.

Grand Dame Hotel, Iloilo City, Visayas, Philippines, travel blog, Paradise, budget travel, Davao City, Mindanao
Grand Dame Hotel

At Andoks

We stayed at Grand Dame Hotel, located at Corners Rizal and Huervana streets La Paz, La Paz, sounds familiar huh? According to the jeepney driver, we can get to eat the best BATCHOY in town… the well known La Paz Batchoy, unfortunately we were not able to try it because right after we reached the hotel we took a long nap and woke up around 12 midnight. We had a great taste of Andoks lechon manok though hahaaha , open 24/7.

Jaro Cathedral,Iloilo City, Visayas, Philippines, travel blog, Paradise, budget travel, Davao City, Mindanao
Jaro Cathedral from the outside

The seat of Jaro Archbishopric (comprising the Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Province of Western Visayas). The Cathedral, which is dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary, is famous for its Shrine of Our Lady of Candles which, according to pious tradition has been miraculously growing. The devotees of the Blessed Virgen, who invoke her under this title of "Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria" come in thousands during her feast day, 2 February. The image was canonically crowned by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, during the Roman Ponriff's visit to Jaro in 1981. Until the present, the miraculous image is the only sacred icon in the Philippines ever crowned personally by a Pope.

Jaro Cathedral,Iloilo City, Visayas, Philippines, travel blog, Paradise, budget travel, Davao City, Mindanao
Jaro Belfry
Jaro Belfry, One of the few belfries in country that stands apart from the church. It was constructed by the Spaniards to serve also as a watchtower to monitor Muslim invasion from Mindanao. The colonial structure was ruined by an earthquake in 1948, but was restored decades later, in the mid-1990s.
From Jaro Church we rode the jeepney going to SM Mall Iloilo for lunch and took the shuttle service (L300 van) for P50.00 per head (2009) or P70.00 at present. If you’re in a hurry you can hire a taxi for P400.00 from SM to Iloilo Airport.

I was quite amazed of the Iloilo airport aside from it’s clean, you’ll also have a relaxing time for your eyes with their indoor garden, aside from that I’ve seen handful of brown tiny birds going in and out of the airport.  

At Iloilo International Airport

Next time, we’ll make sure will visit Iloilo for 2-3 days so we can visit Guimaras Island known for it’s sweet ripe mangoes, visit all old churches from Spaniards time, and food trip from bande, batchoy, molo, piyaya and many more, oh I nearly forgot DINAGYANG FESTIVAL which is celebrated every fourth weekend of  January  =).

Tourist Spots

  • Miag-ao Church (Miag-ao) 
  • Jaro Cathedral
  • Molo Church
  • Guimbal Watch towers
  • Pavia Church
  • Jaro Belfry 
  • Sicogon Island
  • Island de Higantes
  • Tinagong dagat
  • Japanese Underground Garrison (Concepcion, Iloilo) 
  • Japanese Fortification (Cabatuan) 
  • Molo District 
  • Darangkulan Waterfall 
  • Cataan Cove 
  • Sampunong Bolo Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Amigo Terrace Hotel | more info here
  • Century 21 Hotel   | more info here
  • Chito's Hotel Iloilo   | more info here
  • City Corporate Inn   | more info here
  • Days Hotel Iloilo   | more info here
  • Grand Dame Hotel | more info here
  • EON Centennial Plaza Hotel | more info here
  • Harbor Town Hotel  | more info here
  • Highway 21 Hotel  | more info here
  • Hotel Del Rio  | more info here
  • Iloilo Business Hotel  | more info here
  • Iloilo Grand Hotel  | more info here
  • Iloilo Midtown Hotel | more info here
  • La fiesta Hotel  | more info here
  • One Lourdes Dormitel  | more info here
  • People's Hotel  | more info here
  • Sarabia Manor Hotel  | more info here
  • Smallville 21 Hotel  | more info here
  • Westown Hotel  | more info here

How to get there:

Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines Express and Cebu Pacific flies directly to Iloilo. 

Philippine Airlines | route map
AirPhil Express | route map
Cebu Pacific Air | route map

How to get to / from Boracay from Iloilo 

The bus company Ceres Bus provides regular bus services from the city of Iloilo to Kalibo in Aklan, as well as direct connections to Caticlan three times daily. The GM Liner also takes the Iloilo-Caticlan routetwice daily, while minivans and taxis also ply the same route. Travel time from Iloilo to Caticlan ranges from four to seven hours. 

Iloilo City. Ceres Bus Phone: +63 (0)33 321 2591 & +63 (0)33 337 0456. 
GM Liner Phone: +63 (0)33 337 5605 & +63 (0)33 508 7406.

Iloilo Weather Forecast

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  1. Thanks for this! We visited Iloilo last year. There are lots of affordable hotels in Iloilo but we chose Go Hotels. We enjoyed our 3 days stayed!:D


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