Apr 11, 2012

My new top fast food french fries

I’m a self confessed comfort food junkie, I love food, I love everything about food (makikita naman sa katawan hahaha). Today, I feel like sharing one of my favorite snack related comfort food, and that is FRENCH FRIES. 

I remember my childhood days, peeling fresh potatoes and slicing it into long thin stripes, then later fried it…tada a homemade French fries! It was a helluva lot of preparations and frying. Thank goodness, frozen fries are widely available now in grocery stores and supermarkets that comes with small powder sachets of flavorings primarily cheese, sour cream and barbeque. I don’t have to peel and long frying time no more. Or if I’m in my lazy mood, which occurs MOST OF THE TIME hahahah, almost all fast foods here in the Philippines do have french fries on menus all you have to do is order-buy-eat . 

My french fries preferences among well known fast food chains here in the Philippines: 
If I were to choose between Jollibee and Greenwich fries, I’ll choose Greenwich! 
If I were to choose between Greenwich and Mcdo fries, I’ll choose Mcdo! 
If I were to choose between Mcdo and KFC fries, definitely I’ll choose KFC! 
          .....because it is thick, flavorful, tender in the inside, coated crispy fries plus the unlimited gravy to add =) 

But guess what!!! When we were in Hong Kong, I came across POPEYES, out of intrigue I ordered fries for snacks and gee it tasted like KFC fries but its more delicioso in fact, I didn’t bother to look for gravy. My new top fast food french fries.


  1. Thanks for sharing this blog .


  2. your french fries looks good ha ehehehe. i love eating french fries lalo na pag sweet and sour ang flavor, when i eat french fries kasi iba yong mafefeel ko eh like marerelax ako ganyan po, but tamad po akong magluto ng homemade french fries ehehehe bumibili lang po ako para ready to eat nalang. Thanks for sharing po.


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