Jan 3, 2011

MY YEAR 2011 ( January )

I have load of things to be thankful for the year 2011, just the thought of all blessings received made me realized God really loves me (of course!). The Year 2011 for my family has lots of ups and downs, but regardless of all those glum we remain strong and united, that made us a victor to all our trials.


Early January 1, we were able to spend our New Year in Zamboanga City (my place) and flew back Davao, on the 2nd day.
at Zamboanga City International Airport with my high school classmate donna b!

The unexpected announcement that we won a CANON S95 from Living Cities Singapore. Thanks to my "kinakapatid"  Kent and my friend Fritzie.

We were able to attend Sinulog 2010 ( my 7th consecutive year ) then flew to Dumaguete City, for dolphin watching in Bais.
at Basilica de Sto. Nino (excuse our face sa sobrang laki, kame lang nakikita hahahah)
The Manjuyod Sand Bar is an estimated 600 hectare total strip area, including the submerged portions. Also known as the Sumapao Shoal, it is a certified tourist attraction because of its unique characteristic.
Dolphin watching at Bais
Then hubby nod for a new pair of Fitflop =) for me! I so love this new pair, it helps me walk longer without back and leg pain, promise!!!

my favorite FITFLOP! walkstar III indium
Will write for February tomorrow...

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