Jan 3, 2011

MY YEAR 2011 ( February )

The love month, whenever we have the time and budget for a weekend getaway, we usually go to Samal Island particularly in Paradise Island (our favorite place) why? It is clean, the resto’s food is a WOW (yummy and affordable) plus the customer relation slash service is one of the best! 

My hubby’s family is a certified Paradise Island loyalist (aheheheh) why not? They never let us down every time we are there.  

My big brother Dexter / Injung and his family at Paradise Island restaurant.  
My Francisco family from Zamboanga City loves Paradise Island too especially my mom! They love the customer service, food and the water activities. (hmmm... dapat sweldohan na ako ng Paradise Island neto, quota na sa exposure ng name nila ahahaha

with our complimentary ticket hahaha
Paradise Island gave us a complimentary pass for two (lucky us), a valentine’s concert by the beach =)  see that is special treatment =) 

my favorite thing.. fish feeding
at the fish feeding area
This month too, Envirosax Philippines chose my entry as one of the winner of signature tote bag.
very light, water resistant, big yet you can keep it in your pocket
 Will write for March 2011 tomorrow or later tonight =) have a great day!

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