Apr 5, 2011

MY YEAR 2011 ( April )

I love tea, hot tea or iced tea ( basta may tea! hahaha) last March I shared ( facebook fan page) a photo of ME with my C2 solo after we finished lighting candles for station of the cross. I paid no attention about it until I received a message stating that I was their 2nd fan of the week for April. They never mentioned that there was a prize if you were chosen; all I knew was my photo will just be featured as PROFILE PIC for the fan page, then another private message coming from one of their staffs that they are going to send me 1 case of C2 Cool and Green for that! (yey! That’s cool)

solo mio!
C2 fan page profile photo =)

my unexpected prize of 1 case C2 lining up =)
In this month too, I received a personalized message from my favorite local bossa nova singer SITTI! By the way she’s a cousin of my friend Nhice, meaning she’s a Zamboanguena too!  (bonita)
I love this!!! thank you NHICE!
Apart from my cyber life, we were able to take a vacation to Bukidnon, our lola Felizas 92nd birthday (my mother in-law mom!) 

at Bukidnon, Happy 92nd birthday lola!
 There's no big or small blessings, it's how you make it BIG and great!

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