Feb 6, 2011


As a graduate of Environmental Engineering, Gladness fills my heart every time I come across organizations or communities that practice GREEN movements and activities. Envirosax Philippines is one of them, original makers of designer reusable bags.Hmmmm... why not? be into fashion in passion to mother earth =) this sounds great right? Check out their site just by clicking this : ENVIROSAX PHILIPPINES.
Here's my NEW GREEN HABITS for 2011 (most of it are not new at all, been practicing it for years) you might want to practice it too =)

G - Go online transactions in paying bills or bank transactions, this means, less car trips and less fuel spent. Less CO2 emissions by millions of tons.
O - Opt for recycled paper products.

E - Ensure to unplug appliances when not in use. TV sets, radios, video players, air conditioners, and computers when on standby still consume power..
N - Not  ride on smoke belching tricycles, buses, taxis, jeepneys. This way I deliver the message that you demand clean air.
V - Vegetables or flowering plants in the pots, if there's no space to plant it.. Plants absorb carbon dioxide (which is a green house gas) and releases oxygen.
I -   Implement ecological solid waste management, it should start in our home.
R - Reduce use of plastic and paper bags by using reusable totes such as ENVIROSAX. Most stores give a credit!
O - Open the windows to allow sunlight and air to enter the rooms. This will reduce the need for electric fans or air conditioners.
S - Sell the recyclables to nearby junk dealers.
A - An old towel or t-shirts for a rag.
X - X to all harmful to mommy EARTH!

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