Jan 20, 2011

my "HAPPIEST" 2010 moment

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There are a lot to be said but Facebook limited caption made me decide to blog this instead and just link Fitflop Philippines Facebook fan page.

By the way I’m Jeswinda Francisco Montalban from Asias Latin City “Zamboanga City” and currently living here in Davao City (my husbands place)
I have a lot of things and moments I need to be thankful for year 2010 which made the year the happiest. So what was the happiest moment?

I received pouring blessings last year, good health for the whole family, travels, gadgets for free, fun moments with my family, gained online friends which shares the same interest as mine, and childhood wish granted.

Just like most of TV programs here in the Philippines they all have this so called YEAR ENDER so I decided to make one as well, but limited to blessings received. I prefer to weigh the good ones than the bad ones, that’s me! Count the blessings they say right? So let me start of 


I was back in Cebu for my “panata” (means a repayment for a prayer or wish that was granted)  to Senor Sto. Nino. It was my 6th consecutive year attending the Sinulog Festival. I was so happy that moment  knowing I will be accompanied by my husband again. We were experiencing financial difficulties that time but God made it possible for us. We got a cheap airfare from Cebu Pacific Air, and a big thank you to my brother Jhess who gave me a pocket money (as my birthday gift last November 2009). I believe got really knows the desire of my heart.


My phone was busted, and luckily I got a new phone for FREE! , I won at NGC Asia Big Melt Contest Game , I was the only pinoy who won. My prize was Samsung Omnia II touch phone.


We visited Siargao Island (with hubby) for the first time. One of the best known surfing waves in the Philippines, with a worldwide reputation for thick, hollow tubes called CLOUD 9. We traveled for more or less 13 hours with different Philippine mode of transpo which spells
Davao- Butuan (7 hours/long king bus)
Butuan- Surigao City (2-3 hours/ long king bus
Surigao City - Dapa Port of Siargao (2 -2.5 hours/ BritPhil fast craft)
Dapa Port of Siargao - Ocean 101 resort (1 hour/ tricycle and habal habal)


We visited the Surigao del Sur and was able to see the Majestic Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig -The falls is approximately 55 metres (180 ft) high, touted as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. Breathtaking width of 95 meters, it is said to be the widest in the country and the Enchanted river of Hinatuan. One of our road less traveled destination.

Since early 2010 I got a lot of friends asking me to write something about our thrift travels, fortunately my first blog post won a netbook from Windows 7 ako, I am explorer. I can't actually believed I won. Blogs was selected based on the following criteria:
- Explorer Spirit (how adventurous your selected activity is) - 40%
- Creativity (how interesting your blog is) - 40%
- Popularity (i.e. number of likes or readers your blog gets) - 20%


I visited my mom in Zamboanga City, I just miss her so bad!  We stayed overnight in a hotel with pool so the kids will enjoy. We ate out, light a candle to our Lady of the Port Pilar Shrine, then have a breeze walk at Paseo del Mar.

It's our 10th year anniversary together from BF/GF thingy to husband and wife, we spent it in Panglao Island Bohol. My sister in-law gave us an all-expenses paid trip to CEBU (city tour/ stayed at Plantation Bay) BOHOL TOUR and stayed at Dumaluan II Panglao Island. Plus I won an apple ipod shuffle from DHL express easy facebook fan page. A very huge blessing.


I won a THE NORTH FACE messenger bag from ROX Philippines Facebook fan page. A SAMSUNG WAVE phone from Samsung Facebook Fan page. Lastly, my mom visited us here in Davao to attend Kadayawan Festivity using her Fitflop.


My Childhood dream was granted, I was able to see Disney Land (Hong Kong) I think this was the HAPPIEST of all the Happy months I have, been longing to see whats inside Disneyland, and finally last September 2010 I was like a kid enjoying all the rides and adventure of course using my FITFLOP's on. I cant hide the outburst feeling I have when I was there. Who says only kids will be happy and enjoy Disney Land? Even kids at heart too! We also visited Macao and was able to try the Gondola ride.

I was able to visit my mom in Zamboanga City again, attended my two biological brother's birthday. Went to Iloilo to visit a family relative. Then went Boracay for the second time around.

My birth month , celebrated my 30th birthday, with good health and a life spent well. This month also, my blog entry won at Nuffnang Philippines featuring Haagen Dazs new biscuit and cream flavor ice cream. Blog post title was Häagen-Dazs Caramel Biscuit and Cream--- my cup of TREASURE!

Got an early Christmas gift from Pantene / I commit to change , I won a new IPAD and gift packs

Thank you GOD for all the blessings received.  It's indeed true.. we need to count our blessings instead of ranting on the things we don't have.


  1. Nice post sis, truE! We need to count our blessings. Ann

  2. super blogger! Good luck gu... for the win ya tamen!

  3. @anonymous - thanks for dropping by. we need to count and share our blessings i believe. sharing your blessing is like emptying your cup so that God will pour another to fill it. have a great day!

    @htebilil58 -- thnaks gu for dropping by.... basta gu whenever chene mga ansina try to join... as in join lang ng join, diba "no guts no glory?" heheheh have a great day ahead gu! xoxo God bless!

  4. nice blog, i enjoyed reading it ;)

  5. @anonymous feb 2 --- hi, thank you for dropping by... im glad you enjoyed it =)


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