Nov 7, 2010

my new EEE baby!

,Early this year, I receive my new BABY, his name is EXPLO, short for Explorer, actually we got him through our love of exploring new and interesting places, a place not that known to everybody. A ROAD less TRAVELED.
A lot of friends advised me to write on the beautiful places I been to here in the Philippines, instead of just uploading it to my Facebook account, so I decided to write, I'm not that familiar with blogging but I know lots are making a living out of it. So I asked my hubby to help me out how to start it. Writing in MS word and he will be the one injecting those data's in my blog. All was just written and just saved as draft but none of it was published. As a confessed FBF ( Facebook fanatic) and as a follower of  WINDOWS7AKO I was first hand to know of their contest:
Blog about your experience throughout the entire challenge period and publish this in the World Wide Web. Share your thoughts, emotions, success stories, mishaps, blunders and whatever else you think will make your blog interesting. Your blog must:
- Have a minimum of 500 words per entry
- Always sign off or end with the line: “I am an Explorer and I use IE8!”

So I ended up submitting our adventure to Enchanted river of Hinatuan and Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig

Enchanted River of Hinatuan Surigao del Sur
Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig Surigao del Sur

If you want to read more about my adventure of my winning entry kindly visit  
I was hoping to win of course! but was not expecting on other hand knowing there's a lot of beautiful entries submitted. Plus I was not confident enough because most of the entries were wrote by PRO's and I was a NEWBIE to blogging. To think that was my first published blog post. Such a luck!!! (hahahaha) but I prefer to call it a blessing =)

Blogs will be selected based on the following criteria:
- Explorer Spirit (how adventurous your selected activity is) - 40%
- Creativity (how interesting your blog is) - 40%
- Popularity (i.e. number of likes or readers your blog gets) - 20%

Enjoying my new baby at the beautiful Panglao Island

Thank You WINDOWS7AKO for the opportunity, I can now write anywhere with this super light and handy precious one. More power and God bless! and THANK YOU for giving me the boost to write more but published and not saved to draft =) Please continue to touch others lives. 


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