Nov 16, 2010

KFC gift certificate

Happy Muslim Holiday to all our Muslim brother's and sister's, hmmm I'm craving for Halal Foods that are just a dial away =) ummph I remember I wasn't able to blog yet about the gift certificate I got from KFC Philippines.

1 piece crispy hot chicken breast, 1 italian roma and 1 chinese imperial and a regular coke for delivery please!!!

Seen the steam on my bowl lids? this is what I love about KFC it's always warm and crispy even if it's for take out or delivery. 
my 100 gift certificate =)
Yeah I know what's hopping into your mind now! IT'S ONLY P100 but I profoundly appreciate it, just the thought of them sending it from Manila to Davao is a BIG EFFORT! and it's FREE!

KFC BBQ Rods Winners for Week 5. Actually I was not really expecting it =) Pure luck I guess, or I rather call it a blessing. 

Me getting gaga over my KFC hehehe October 1, 2010

Thanks KFC!

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