Oct 11, 2010

Boracay Revisited

Last September 2010, we decided  revisit  Boracay for the second time but with a tight budget.  We always bear in mind that the farther you fly the more expensive your ticket will be. But not always! So we took a short flight from Davao to Iloilo. One hour later we arrive to our destination and took a taxi to Tagbak terminal in Iloilo.

Tuklasera tips
 • Be sure to ask the taxi first if it's metered or not.
 • Ceres buses have 30 minute intervals to Caticlan.
 • Tagbak Terminal is the most common transit point in the city. For Boracay-bound tourists, just take Leganes-bound jeepney, if you are in Jaro Plaza or at SM City Iloilo to get you there in the Tagbak Terminal for only P8.00. It is located in Jaro Iloilo along McArthur Highway.

The journey time from Iloilo to Caticlan will take 6 hours depending on the stops along the way. We arrived in Caticlan past 4 pm and headed to the jetty port which is just a few meters away from the bus terminal. Jetty Port in Caticlan is the launching pad to Boracay. All buses will stop here. To get to your final destination in Boracay you have to pass through Jetty Port and take a boat to Boracay. Here are the list of fees to be collected at the Jetty port. 

Enviromental Fee - Php 75.00
Terminal Fee - Php 50.00
Boat fare - Php 20.00

We booked our hotel a week before going here. Sheenas resort located at Station 2 gave us a good deal for Php 1,500 good for two persons. The room was spacious, clean and most of all it's a beach front resort. 

Majestic Boracay sunset
The next day, we were approached by touts offering beach activities such as island hopping, atv ride, banana  boat, flying fish, scuba diving and reef walking. We decided to try island hopping. We paid a hefty price of Php 1,800 ( 1-6 persons) for the 3 hour island hopping experience. Snorkeling gear will be provided. Well of course we have to pay the mandatory environmental fee of Php 150.00.

Crocodile island

Amazing rock formations during the tour

Puka beach was not that famous few years ago. Of all the beaches we visited, Puka remains top on our list. It is named Puka beach because of the Puka shells that is found in the white sand. For some tourist, Puka beach is a place for relaxation and tranquility. 

Getting to Puka Beach
To get to Puka Beach by land you can either take a tricycle, rent an all terrain vehicle, bike, motorcyle or outrigger.
To get to Puka Beach by land you can either take a tricycle, rent an all terrain vehicle, bike, or motorcycle. If you would like to see more of Boracay Island’s incredible scenery, you can rent a Banka to take you to Puka Beach. - See more at: http://boracay360.com/tourist-sights/boracay-puka-beach/#sthash.c5h5P1JW.dpuf

On our last day, we took our first Bug car ride to Mt. Luho. The guide discussed about the route,  safety and do's and dont's. The activity cost around Php 400 with free shuttle service back and forth.

  Bug car

Enroute to Mt. Luho
We have to climb steps to the viewpoint supported by bamboo poles. Standing 100 meters above sea level Mt Luho is the highest point in the island.

After Mt. Luho we made a quick stop at Everland Aviary Park. Not much to see in the aviary but caged birds, an eagle, a monkey and a huge fruit bat. The largest fruit bat I have ever seen since my bat encounter at Samal's Monfort Bat Cave.

Our guide told us that we'd better get back, 'cause it'll be very dark soon. We arrived at the starting point and rode the free shuttle back to D'MALL.  We got back to our hotel and ended the day happy and contented. We will definitely come back!

Rundown of Expenses
Taxi to Tagbak terminal - Php 80.00
Bus fare from iloilo to Caticlan - Php 336.00 / pax

Boat fare + Enviromental fee + Terminal fee - Php 145.00 / pax or Php 290.00 / pax (roundtrip)
Food - Php 300.00 /pax/ day

Bug car ride - Php 400.00 / car
Island Hopping - Php 1,800 
Island Hopping Environmental fee - Php 150.00
Hotel - Php 1,500 / day


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