Oct 31, 2010

14- day commitment with the new Pantene hair fall control

Commitment is very audacious to say but so hard to comply, it’s like getting into something SERIOUS! Hmmmm.. Why do I need to commit to Pantene? My plain and simple answer  



Before I commit to use PANTENE HAIR FALL CONTROL SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER, there's a lot of cast doubts fussing my mind. Such as, can I really do the commitment for 14 days? since I'll be traveling most mid days of October, how will I collect all those happening where in fact I'll be be very busy for sure. Will I still wait for my FREE SAMPLES? Hmmm, if I'll wait, what if I'll receive it late? I wanted to commit so I should start it with conviction. Will I be able to use Pantene religiously? Stuffs and questions like that... then...

This commercial pushed me to GIVE IT A TRY!

So I decided to COMMIT, I have nothing to lose anyway.
I need not to wait for FREE SAMPLES. Just a thought, if we want to commit and make it happen, we should start it ourselves, "let’s not wait for the guava to fall. Someone might take the opportunity to take the guava from us" =)

So I decided to make an e-diary, just a short note on what I will go through with my 14-day commitment with PANTENE.


My "before" and "after" photos, I couldn't believe it actually, I can clearly see the difference, it's like a NEW me! From a dull, dry and more breakage hair to straight, smooth,and less hair fall. The picture can even speak which smells great right? hahahahha loving it!
My hair transformation is not as perfect as anyone else, (I guess) but I'm very grateful and thankful about it, just the thought of flushing more than 50 hair strands every shower is a shiver to my spine, not to mention the trapped hair in my brush. Domino effect of it is --- STRESS! and I read somewhere that stress is also one factor of having hair fall. I don't mind not having a hair like-commercial models, as long as I'll not suffer from hair fall. I don't want to lose my crowing glory!
SLIDE SHOW of my 14- day commitment with 
(a closer look)

Thanks Pantene (my girlfriend) for the FREE SAMPLES you sent me, since I got 2, I shared it with my sister in law who was the one who accompanied me and took my stolen shot inside the grocery store while buying my 180mL Pantene bottles, she really deserves the other free samples. The other free samples will be reserve for my next trip… hmmm I will no longer bring sachets since it’s less 100mL, the airport security won’t confiscate it for sure.
Can’t thank you enough GF Pantene, as a TUKLASERANG MATIPID, I was able to save for Salon hair makeover hahahaha…. "Alagang Pantene ata to!" I enjoyed your care and will surely continue to enjoy it for LIFE!

As I’ve said in your Facebook Wall, "I was once not a PANTENEatic but now I’m a PANTENE Addict!"


This is TUKLASERANG MATIPID saying.....
This is my official entry for the 


  1. Nice one sis! nice hair too! I receive my samples too but I wasnt able to take photos of the transformation. SALUTE!

  2. thanks sis jam! =)
    I'm sorry to hear that but it's ok... im still hoping for the result and will love to see it in your FB. muah!

  3. jhess napansin ko nga! ang ganda ng hair mo lately :-) and natawa ako na nakatipid ka gurl hahahaha... kesa naman nagpasalon ka. galing naman ni mother gumupit nyahahahah... Good luck sayo and keep sharing your blessing!


  4. hi joy, thanks for dropping by! yeah try mo, guaranteed! =)
    may salon kame sa labas ng bahay hahahahaha =)

  5. @Anonymous Says:
    October 31, 2010 8:29 PM -- thank you for the compliment =)

    @johanna -- thanks johanna for always following my post! i felt so special. thank you sweet girl!

    @maira-- thanks sis! guaranteed!!! tried and tested.. LESS HAIR FALL!

    @trina --- hi trina! hahahaha God bless!

  6. OMG your hair is so sexy ate! I will definitely try Pantene. Got same problem as yours, HAIR FALL. Kudos! -sharley mae-

  7. Saw your hair the last time I visited you there in the Phils..but when I saw your pic after the 14day Pantene commitment WOW!!!!wish I can have hair like that..Back here in the States don't think they have one..Can you send some sachets to Dad ASAP before he comes back here in Texas..NEEDED IT SO BADLY..Got huge problem w my hair & you know I go to the Salon all the time & really expensive..
    I want Pantene now after seeing your hair transformation & reading your blog..I usually used salon hair care products like John Freida which cost about $7-8 dollars for shampoo & w conditioner that brings a total close to $20.00..for Sgampoo & conditioner alone..
    That's how I love my hair I could spend a fortune..
    So,Let me try this new PANTENE!!!!

    Awesome blog by the way..Simply amazing & great!!!
    Thanks & kudos to you for sharing this otherwise I couldnt have known about this product..

    Ate TINA
    Houston,Texas USA

  8. ive bet jing ur the one... hope youll win... gudluck...

  9. @sharley mae--- thanks mae for always following my post, guaranteed LESS HAIR FAIL and glossy hair when you will use it religiously. Thanks!

    @ate tina--- thanks ate tin for dropping by. I will send some to papa, he will be leaving here noon time on Nov 5. we will miss dad and his stories. =)

    @jenifer--- hahahahah thanks for the support jen, I hope but not really expecting. my prayers! =)

  10. 2 thumbs Up jing!! really nice hair, mag change na ako ng shampoo and Conditioner, i will commit to Pantene from now on!!--IvyNatindim--

  11. @ ivy natindim --- thank you vie, i tried it, now you YOU TRY, YOU DECIDE! hehehehe

  12. hi jess....two thumbs up!!! ;) ...how do i get samples? hehehe... i would love trying Pantene the soonest... ate ann

  13. @ate ann-- hi ate, i just signed up for the mystery shampoo and 14-day commitment challenge in their web site then viola!!! got mine. Unfortunately nuay ya man ata ara, este el website, www.pantene.com.ph who knows have ya tamen, but i will let as soon as soon as possible if chene. actually my cousin have her free samples too.

  14. im on my 3rd day now jhess! wow less hair fall really! thanks for posting this. (cristy)

  15. @cristy--hmmmm nice to hear that cris, they are extending until nov. 15, you might want to submit your experience. Good luck! =)

  16. great story!!!!!loved reading it from beginning to end.i'm also interested in reading your dakak/dapitan/dipolog entries. we spent our honeymoon there 15 years ago!interested to see if dakak is still as beautiful as before. Kudos!

  17. @kaye --- thanks ms. kaye, i will visit your entry tonight... read your haagen dazs entry too, i love rain and so with haagen dazs, unfortunately i can't attend the haagen dazs awarding... i hope to see you there pa naman sana. Im already a fan. love that voice ms. kaye... and thank you for sharing what God has given you--- beautiful voice =) so proud to have a blogger friend in your persona =) God bless you more. Muahhh

  18. does it really happen? i used pantene before but i shifted to other shampoo after 3 days. my hair went dry and ichy scalp but i must admit less hair fall.

  19. @Anonymous Says:
    November 6, 2010 7:19 AM --- hi thank you for your feedback, I believe that "CHANGE" don't happen overnight or in just 3 days but in 14 days, at least you noticed the less hair fall. cheer up and continue, just don't use other brand in 14 days and you'll see the difference. hope to hear from you soon. Take care! =)

  20. Your reply warms my heart. I haven't said congratulations yet for your Haagen Dazs entry. You totally deserve it! Love your Macau and HK pics!!!!Thanks so much for your compliments my dear Jeswinda! Blessings to you, this entry and all your endeavors! You deserve every blesssing there is!

  21. great blog!!!love it!!a winner!!

    The dimafiles

  22. Good luck another winning piece...! you surely a winner no doubt about it..!

    ate stefie

  23. very nice jing, hope ill have nice hair like u. ill try pantene for sure from now on. Belated happy bday btw. Take care..

  24. This is a nice one! I better tell my lady friends about this
    All the best.

    From down under

  25. hi jhess..nice blog ah!hmmmmm what can i say.....hehehhee well been using pantene for a month now and I could say there's a transformation with the hair....yes really!!!and Im happy I also decided to switch shampoo...with pantene I could say that I am IN.....goOdluck.......hehhehehehe

  26. @aida ---thank you for the compliment and thank you for dropping by.

    @ms. kaye--- thank you so much ms. kaye. im your number 1 fan! that voice like an angel =)

    @manila stone -- thank you sir stonibert for dropping by =) a compliment coming from you melts my heart =) regards to your lovely wife =)

    @ate tina from houston texas -- thank you for always supporting me =) muaaah

    @ate stefie ---- thank you so much.. and thank you for always being a bubbly company has ever been.

    @Anonymous Says:
    November 26, 2010 2:37 AM ---- Pantene never fails me when it comes to my problem on falling hair. try it and decide =) heheheh

    @kuya ado from land down under --- thank you so much kuya for dropping by... so happy to hear from you.

    @Anonymous Says:
    November 26, 2010 8:16 AM ---- hmmm thats awesome.. i know Pantene didnt fail you. just as much as it did to me =)

    God bless everyone and thnak you so much for the time =)

  27. @Theren Alexander, hmmmm honored seeing you here. I'm a fan! =)


  29. Congratulations Jes! hhhmmm...hairfall is also my problem...I think i should try pantene! anyway, congrats again. - bevs here

  30. hi bevs, thanks, trust me bevs Pantene works miraculously on my hair fall problem =) try the hair fall control shampoo and conditioner. then tell me if it works for you too =)

  31. Wow! This is great! Actually, Nag hahanap talaga ako ng anti-hair fall na shampoo/conditioner. Then I saw this post and it's very encouraging to take the 14 day challenge. I saw a Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner at goods.ph (https://www.goods.ph/pantene-hair-fall-control-conditioner-180ml-4068.html), yesterday and now I'm going to order one. Thanks for sharing this post sis, Thank you talaga!


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