Sep 9, 2010

Wasted Journey to Macau

 It was our last day in Hong Kong and we are scheduled for a day trip to Macau today.
 It was a drizzly morning and we headed to China Ferry Terminal in Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. At first, we got lost because the Ferry Terminal isn't brilliantly signposted. It is actually located on the 2nd floor of a shopping mall. It took us 5 minutes to figure it out.

Getting to China Ferry Terminal Kowloon
From Tsim Sha Tsui 

•  Walk parallel to Nathan Road until you hit Canton Road. From Canton Road, walk up until you see this huge signboard that says ferry terminal. Upon walking closer, there is a huge sign that says Entrance to Ferry Terminal. Walk in, go to 2nd floor and buy your ferry tickets. 

We bought our  round trip tickets for HKD 220 and New Word First Ferry has the cheapest fare we saw at that time.The fares are quoted in Hk dollar and the Hong Kong Government charges a departure tax of HK$26 on tickets to Macau, which is usually included in the ticket price. The ferry departed on time and one hour later we arrived at Taipa ferry terminal. The immigration was quick and we got out 10 minutes later. Well there are two ferry terminals in Macau  Macau outer harbour ferry terminal and Taipa ferry terminal. 

Tuklasera Tips
Taipa Ferry terminal is near Venetian and City of Dreams
Macau Outer harbor is  near  Senado Square and St. Paul Ruins
No MOP? Don't worry HKD is widely accepted in Macau

The  plan was to visit Venetian hotel first then Senado Square and St. Pauls Ruins. We boarded the free shuttle bus to Venetian. From Taipa, the 10 minute bus ride involves crossing a long bridge that connects Taipa to Macau Peninsula. 

The replicas of the famous canals and architectural icons of Venice were brilliantly made. You can take  a Gondola ride with expert gondoliers that serenade you while cruising the Grand Canal  Rivers. Tickets can be bought at Boutique di Gondola for Php 600 ($13-15) Adult and Php 400 ($10-12) Kids. We decided to leave Venetian and rode our way back to Taipa ferry terminal. The original plan was to ride the free shuttle from Venetian to Taipa ferry terminal then ride the free shuttle bus to Lisboa and walk our way to Senado Square and St. Paul Ruins. But unfortunately, the bad weather spoiled our Macau trip a bit. We were stuck at Taipa ferry terminal waiting for the rain to stop. Well it didn't stop so we decided to leave Macau and boarded a ferry back to Hong Kong. A wasted journey but at least we had visited Venetian Macao the largest building and casino in Asia.

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