Aug 27, 2010


2 PROTiPS book =)

Thank you for this 2 wonderful books, it's so easy to understand since it's written in taglish =) plus it's practically helps the readers to grasps the importance of  values we need to know in our daily routines, may it be at work or simply dealings with the people around us.

Here's the link on where I got this prize:

Screen shot, winner announcement =)

Once again
THANK YOU! for this exciting books! I'm planning to give the other book to a dear friend as a gift. =)


  1. Hi Tuklaserang Matipid. I like your blog site. Your design is very inviting. By the way, I'm the author of the Protips book that you won from JobsOpening. I'm glad that you find it practical and useful for everyday living. God bless you.

    1. hi! thanks for sponsoring the prize, your book is so great, love it =) God bless you more.

  2. Thanks for share.


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