Jun 26, 2010

Tripid to Vanishing Island


Last Sunday we headed out to this remote island called the Vanishing Island located in Samal Island, spearheaded by my husband. You’re probably wondering if that is just a name or if the island actually vanishes. Well, it does. It actually vanishes when the tides are high. This beautiful island is actually a part of the beautiful Samal Island of Davao.We pack up and bought some lunch then headed to Sta. Ana wharf the jumping point to Vanishing Island. Here are the tips if you want to go Island hopping with a tight budget.

1.Plan your Island hopping galore and plan  it on Sundays.Why Sunday? because many families and individuals will flock the port during Sundays and look for motorized boats that will charge your for per person basis.For our tour we paid P250.00 ($5) and with us are individuals and families who shared with us on the boat. But if you want more privacy, you can always hire them and pay P8,000 ($200) for the entire tour and boat.
2. Bring lunch, snacks and water to keep you hydrated.
3. Bring your Snorkeling gear, for individuals collecting dollar shells this is the place for you.
4. Bring your camera.

 Elevated Cottage 

Locals earn by selling sea urchins

 A bucket of sea urchins for P100.00

 Curiously i bought one for P15.00,the guy crack and opened it and taste sour and slimy.I don't like the taste and the guy offer me to buy the entire bucket and i said "im on a strict diet" Hahahaha. 
Aside from the mangrove trees that have been planted on the island, you would also find a cottage standing at the middle of this vanishing isle. The cottage is elevated, so the water does not reach the floors even during high tides. Understandably, however, there are people who may feel apprehensive about staying in an island that vanishes with the tides. Ideally, the Vanishing Island dive site, however, is great for underwater adventures.We had fun and took our lunch on the island before we head out to another island.It was fun and we just spend around P800 including lunch, boat fare and taxi.A good and well spend weekend. 


  1. I love to go there. would you pls tell me where can I hire the boat going there.. privately.. thank you

  2. hi, you can inquire wind and wave davao. you can also go island hopping with family or just by your love one... privately! =)
    thanks for visiting. just message me here for additional details.

  3. Nice :). We just went to samal as well last holy week. We were thinking of getting the 8k private boat but since some of the people in our group had earlier flights, we decided to just head to one beach and stay there. Next time though I'm definitely going to explore the place.

    1. I'm glad you were able to visit Samal Island. Hmmm Php 8,000 is a lot but you can always haggle.Normal range would be from Php 4,000 to Php 5,000. Thanks Malds..


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