Jun 17, 2010

Philippine Eagle Week June 4-13, 2010

 Let's Save Them

Philippine Eagle Week at Sm Davao Last June 4-13, 2010

Its an annual celebration to support the Endangered  Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), once called as the " the airs noblest flier ". Four years ago i visited their sanctuary at Malagos, Davao City thirty minutes away from the metro.We paid around  P60.00 ($1.50) per person for the entrance fee and all the proceeds will help  and fund this endangered symbol of  Mindanao.Upon entering we are greeted by this cute cockatoo then i heard a splash it's like someone is swimming then i look for it and guess what who are making those splashes, it's the Monkeys. Im following a trail that will lead me to PAGASA the first Philippine Eagle hatched in captivity thru artificial insemination.When i reached the cage i was overwhelmed by it's size and wingspan, that's why it's the worlds second largest. Fewer than 500  have so far been accounted, mostly in Mindanao, but due to it's destruction of it's habitat i think they may not be around much longer. The destruction of their habitat is caused by Human's and the Eagle's pay the heavy price. Their numbers are expected to decrease at an unprecedented proportion leading to their total annihilation.I do hope that the Philippine Eagle Center will have enough funding from the government in order to save them for our future generations to see. Spread the word "Let's Save the Eagles" and if worst comes to worst please visit the Philippine Eagle Center and grab the chance to see them live and take photos as much as you can.  

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