Jun 29, 2010

big melt contest

The love for online games, particularly on Facebook was indeed my diversion late 2009, I started to get addicted with Farmtown, then while waiting for the crops to be harvested, I invested my time on Mafia wars, still discontented, I also tried Farmville until I got hooked to it than farmtown, later engaged in barn buddy and cafĂ© world… ooopzzz I forgot to add fishville… mostly it’s all Zynga games…

 There were times I sensed my hubby was quite pissed of me playing and spending many laborious hours for those games and nothing in return. Whenever he asked me to accompany him at the mall or simply date and eat out.. I rejected it most of the time BECAUSE I was too worried that my plants will die or someone might take my top slot, not bragging about it but I guess friends can attest. I even sleep till the rooster crows, you know what I mean! Good thing, I got a very understanding husband who never gets mad of my addiction… I must admit I’m WRONG, then until such time he told me instead of playing those games why not play something that would have real prizes…

Until we found the bigmelt Ice cream game contest from NGC Asia (National Geographic channel) … honestly the game was not that thought-provoking, if not of the prize I wouldn’t be interested, but hey! The moment we stepped on the top 10, it’s getting addictive and exciting, funny I tracked all the income of our competitors, use my math skills hahahah do some multi-tasking—cook-eat-play-do chores, there was even a time that while on travel, I still managed to play it in the airport, thanks to wifi connections for free…. just to meet my goal… to be in the Top 5..
As every new game have glitches, Big melt too once had, to the extent they were down for a week but thankfully it was taken cared of by the developers. It didn’t stop me from playing it , even at that time… I was very pissed off already, playing it again and again… Well fortuitously I didn’t give up but instead continue and stand a fight!

Just too proud of it, a SAMSUNG OMNIA II for free, being number 1, and for being the only Filipino to stand tall from other countries who have played the game.
Congratulations to the winners!
And thank you da, for swaying into my music, instead of putting it off!

Thank you NGC, Samsung and Bigmelt.


  1. sis beliv talga ako sau!!!! astig!!! ;-)

  2. hahaha... nice! nakilala ko nga tong babae na to dahil sa big melt.... lol.... galing mo tlga sis!!! mwaaaahh

  3. @sis jackie -- hahaha chamba lang yan sis! hehehehe post ko rin yung netbook prize ko later hehehe

    @mhy--- sis congrats lapit kana rin magkawave heheheh

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