Feb 16, 2010

Tripid to Paradise Island , Island Garden City of Samal.

It was 13th of February a day before Valentine's day, my husband and I were planning for a simple celebration and getaway. Our tripid budget challenge for this trip is below P1000 so we have to plan it wisely and not to overspend for this simple getaway. Pack with me are snacks and my snorkeling gear,  we are on our way to the island and the boat fare cost us P15.00 per person it's really inexpensive. After 30 minutes of bangka travel, we arrived and pay the entrance fee of  P100.00 per person not bad huh!. The entrance fee is subject to change.

Paddle boat ride cost us P100 per hour, it is said to be transferable as well if you're already tired paddling it hahahah . The rent was quite expensive but we had fun meandering around the resort, enjoying the breeze and colorful fishes below, not to mention paddling is a good form of exercise too hehehe

My lunch! they call it Paradise Harvest (all seafood's mixed--- crabs,shrimps, tuna and squid) and what's the good thing about this place is the inexpensive and delicious food. Our lunch cost us about P500.00 only with drinks and fruits.

After a fulfilling lunch, I went to the fish feeding area and the caretaker handed me some bread crumbs I'm excited to go underwater and meet this guys....

 Here they are!
I'm holding a bread and they were eating frenzy out of it.

Common little fishy come and get some......

After hours of snorkeling fun and swimming we're ready to go home and we only spent about P800.00. A fun and nice experience for a simple and inexpensive getaway. I am a TUKLASERANG MATIPID (THIFTY EXPLORER) and I'M PROUD of it.

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