May 12, 2009

Island Born in Fire

This island was introduced to me many years ago and i just want to share my true experiences about the island.We left Davao by bus around 5:00 in the morning and hit the road an hour after. I was told by my husband that it's gonna be a long travel like 9 hours tops and I was thinking 9 hours? wooohaa but still the excitement and fun kicks in, so i don't mind at all.While on our way to Cagayan de oro, we discussed about the possibility of being left by the ferry in Balingoan Misamis Oriental the jumping point to Camiguin Island. Six hours later we arrived at Cagayan de oro, we proceeded directly to the terminal and rode a bus for a 2 hour trip to Balingoan.We reach Balingoan two hours after but  the ticket booth was already closed and we concluded that we were left by the ferry and we asked some people for confirmation and they told us that the ferry just left but there's another one at the dock and the last trip for the day, ok so where can we buy the tickets for the last ferry trip, the guy pointed to a booth with 40 people ahead of us forming a snake line. Why too many people? because there was a fiesta the night before.

We bought the tickets and look for the ferry, a local pointed us to the direction and I ask the local which one? the local pointed that one...Oh this one, if I'm gonna guess the ferries age, I would say 50 years old since it was built. The ferry slowly filled by people, some cars and trucks and we are so afraid that the ferry slightly tilt to the right . After 30 minutes we left the Balingoan, the funny part of this whole experience was, my husband was talking to me "Oh look good view and that "  and I answered  "Can you swim?" we laugh about it and yeah we can swim. I was just afraid for everyone on board since the life jackets were not enough for everybody, if something happens. We arrive at Benoni port Camiguin two hours after and hired a small jeepney to our resort.

 Overcrowded ferry due to the fiesta the night before

 Bahay Bakasyunan Resort
 Where we stayed for 3 days and  enjoyed the low season discounts. Not bad for a P1,500 a day with free breakfast and amenities.

Katibawasan Falls

A must visit tourist spot when your in Camiguin.Huge trees and vines provide a good backdrop of the falls.The location is quite remote and some roads are steep, huge boulders along the way.Entrance fee is P30.00 less than  a dollar.

Ardent Hot Spring

The local hot spa is a natural pool of about 40 degrees centigrade springing from depths of Mount Hibok-Hibok.. It has picnic huts, cookout facilities and restrooms for visitors.It is ideal for night swimming, a place to rejuvenate both mind and body.

White Island

 One of the popular destination in Camiguin is the White Island, this 2 kilometer stretch sand bar is famous for it's white powdery sand that can rival Boracay and Naked Island in Siargao.It's great for snorkeling and swimming.Don't leave Camiguin without visiting this place.

Sunken Cemetery

Located in Bonbon, Catarman a huge cross marker has been installed by the Provincial government to mark the community cemetery that sunk during the 1871 volcanic holocaust. Years ago, gravestones were visible during low tide. Today, it is an interesting diving site.

Gui-ob Church Ruins
 The remains of an Old Spanish church during the devastating volcanic eruption in 1871.

Old Walkway

The Walkway to the Old Volcano is where you will see statues depicting the ... Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross. Souvenir stores are located just by the road.

We stayed in Camiguin for 3 days and at last we were able to visit this island born in fire.

Bus fare Davao-Cagayan (vice versa) - P1000 each
Bus fare Cagayan - Balingoan (vice versa) - P400 each
Ferry Balingoan - Benoni (vice versa)- P300.00 each
Jeepney to the resort - P200.00
Island tour - P3000 package
Food - P3000 / 3 nights
Accommodation-P4500 / 3 nights


  1. You're doin a GREAT job jhess:)***Im so proud to be ur friend:) xoxo

  2. just a local tip:

    Kibila clam sanctuary. They culture clams (all sorts of them eg: elephant clams). It's a great snorkeling site too.

    Mantigue island - a small island with a white sand beach (same consistency with white island). the difference is that, it has a mini forest where bats stay during the day. It is also a great snorkeling site too. If you are lucky, you might see a pawikan laying its eggs or just plainly swimming. :)


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