Nov 3, 2014

Kawa Hotspa Rates | Tibiao, Antique

Tribal Hot Bath with simmering medicinal plants such as Alagao leaves ( Agdaw in Antique) and Kamantigue flower. Alagao leaves are known to cure coughs and headaches while Kamantigue flower is known to cure rheumatism, fractures and fingernail inflammation.

True enough, it worked on me since I got cough and headache before my treatment.

Tribal Spa rate

Kawa Hot Bath - Php 200.00
Kawa Hot Bath w/ massage - Php 500.00 (2 hours)
  1. Wow! Para ka lang niluluto gurl! Cute!


    1. hi girl! yeah must try siya =) thanks for dropping by.

  2. So relaxing. Is that a big palayok?

  3. So amazing and this is good for health.


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