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Tree house at the park | Pasonanca Zamboanga City

Friday, March 30, 2012 0 Comments

 Pasonanca Tree house 

Pasonanca Tree house
Pasonanca Tree house
Just last March 19, we headed to Pasonanca Park in Zamboanga City. I admit, in my 28 years in the Asia’s Latin City, though I was able to visit the park but I never had the chance to go up the tree house. Yes! (First time ko shhh! Hahaha) why? Most of the people I know told me it’s not free and the one in-charge may scold you to death hahaha.

Pasonanca tree house was constructed 1960. It is said to be visited by a lot of visitors per year, to add, you can rent this tree house for a minimum fee (will update this as soon as I’ll get the exact overnight fee and where to book)

How to get there:

You can either ride a jeepney plying to Pasonanca, for P9.00 (as of March 19, 2012) just remind the driver to drop you at Pasonanca tree house.

Tricycle ride will cost you around 50-60 pesos (pakyawan).

Note: once the tricycle driver will tell you “etu ya bahala kwanto” (chavacano) “ikaw na ang bahala kung magkano” in tagalong, or in English “it’s on you to decide, how much” Never get inside the trike not settling the fare with the driver,  just to be sure you’ll have a hassle free ride.

The park is free and well maintained. 

Pasonanca Tree house, Zamboanga del sur, Zamboanga,
At last I was able to go up the tree house after 28 years
Pasonanca Tree house, Zamboanga del sur, Zamboanga,
Pasonanca Tree house