Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant | A Native Dining Experience

Lantaw Floating Resto Cordova, Cebu

Finding the best places to eat in Cebu can prove a somewhat daunting task. A myriad of restaurants, fast foods and bars engulfed the metro.You will face seemingly endless possibilities in finding that perfect place to eat and dine with your family and friends. If you're in Cebu what comes in your mind? Of course Cebu's famous lechon! Cebu is known for its mouth watering lechon (roasted pig). A lot of restaurants are serving lechon in Cebu like Cnt Lechon, Rico's, Zubuchon just to name a few. I even experience eating lechon in a street food stall during Sinulog 2011. But what if you want to try some serious Filipino food?

LANTAW, is a Cebuano word which means “to look out”

I heard about this restaurant long ago but finally last Sinulog 2015, I got the chance to visit the place with my friends. We heard that it gets full towards dinner time and you must call the restaurant to reserve. We tried calling Lantaw but we can't get through. After a few failed phone calls, we finally decided to go there without a reservation.

Taxi cost us around Php 180.00 from our Lapu Lapu hotel to Lantaw floating resto in Day-As Cordova. If you're coming from downtown Cebu, the taxi fare will cost you around Php 300-400. Don't let the cab wait for you, driver's hourly rate is Php 300.00.

The Lantaw Restaurant Chain in Cebu has two branches, Lantaw Floating Restaurant (Cordova) and Lantaw Native Restaurant (Busay). Haven't been to their Busay branch which is located in the mountains of Busay but I just read somewhere that it has spectacular views of Cebu City and Bohol during nightfall. You have to negotiate with a taxi driver to go there.

The Place?

Good thing we were able to get good seats outside without a reservation. The entire staff was very accommodating and courteous. Nice ambiance and a perfect view of the sunset.

Lantaw Floating Resto Cordova, Cebu

Lantaw Floating Resto Cordova, Cebu

What We Eat?

We ordered Garlic Buttered Crabs, Grilled Pork Belly, Kinilaw, Talaba, Adobong Kangkong and fresh shakes for our drinks. Food was great especially the buttered Crabs and Kinilaw.The glasses in their drinks are quite unique by the way, they are serve in Garapon which you won't see anywhere else.

Lantaw Floating Resto Cordova, Cebu

Overall, it's a great restaurant with amazing views and great food. Their customer service is also good and the prices are not too steep. We left the restaurant after two hours and we cannot believe the long line of customers waiting to be seated.

Tuklasera Tips

• Make advance reservations to avoid disappointments. They put a limit to their reservations so they could still accommodate walk-in guests so better book in advance. You can reach Lantaw with this following numbers Cordova (Day-As): 032-5142959, 09332704731, 09175522813, 09273151695 / Busay: 032-5110379, 09225751173, 09998502684, 09339505323.

• You can pay additional Php 50.00 to request for a cab. Just approach the guard on duty or one of the restaurant staff and he/she will be the one to get one for you.
• You can download or view the menu here by in pdf format.

Getting here from Lapu Lapu

From the Lapu-Lapu City PUJ Terminal, take a jeepney bound for Cordova. Inform the driver that you’ll be disembarking at the “crossing”. From the crossing, hire a pedicab to take you to Day-as Port/Wharf. Or you may say, “bakhawan” (mangrove area). Pedicab fare is P10 per person + Entrance Fee to the port, P1 per person.

Boracay for under Php 1,000 A Day

We rounded up  most interesting super savers we can find in the island of Boracay. This includes accommodation,food, shopping and activities under Php 1,000 ( $25) and even FREE. Trust me, I was able to squeeze my budget to the fullest.


Boracay rates are divided into two seasons. Low season is from June - October while the High season is from November to May.White divers, Sundown Resort and Cena's Guesthouse in Station 3 is a popular place to backpackers and budget conscious travelers. Just remember you're in an island and you spend most of your time frolicking in the beach not in your hotel.

White Divers ( Station 3 Beachfront)

Low Season Rates

Double Room for Php 600.00 - fan cooled, tv,wifi and shower.
Family Room for Php 800.00 - 3-4 people, tv and shower.
Dorm type for Php 200.00 - single, bathroom shared

Sundown Resort

Low Season Rates

Double Room for Php 600.00 - fan cooled, tv, shower

Cena's Guesthouse

Low Season Rates
Double Room for Php 500 - fan cooled, tv wifi and shower

High Season Rates
Double Room for Php 600 - fan cooled, tv wifi and shower

The inns mention above is quite far from Station 2 and 1 where all happenings take place. As you can see, they are all fan cooled but what if you're looking for an AC type accommodation that suits your budget?Well don't panic I have one for you.  

Bambooz Hauz (Station 1)

Rates start at Php 850 for low season and Php 1,000 for the high season. Not a beachfront accommodation though but it's a 5 min walk to the white beach. You can book directly here.
• Spacious room
Double deck beds 
Refrigerator and Free use of the stove
Dual Aircon with Tv
Private Bathroom
Secured and clean
Friendly staff 

Getting Here

From Jetty Port

Hop on a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off in front of Two Seasons Resort or The Horse stable in Station 1. It's a 2 min walk from the main road to Bambooz Hauz.


Cliff Jumping
Cost: FREE 

Far north of Station 1 is a paved path that leads to Diniwid beach. Just be sure the tide is high before making a jump.

Beach Bumming in Puka
Cost: Php 80.00 (Trike fare)
Puka Beach in Brgy Yapak recently placed 6th on Trip Advisors Top 25 Beaches in Asia last 2014. You'll greatly be rewarded once you get to the beach.

Paraw Sailing
Cost: Php 50.00

A must try in Boracay is Paraw Sailing during sunset. A lovely experience especially when sailing with your love one, friends or family.

Learn to Skimboard
Cost: Php 100.00 (1 hour)

Learn the basic of skim boarding with the help of the locals. Not that easy though, but you'll get hang onto it once you learn your balance. The best time to do this is around 4 to 5 pm.

Catch a Boracay Sunset
Cost: FREE

Boracay Island is not just know of its white beaches and crystal clear waters, It is also known for its stunning sunset. Best viewed at Station 1 near Willy's Rock, where the sun perfectly aligns straight in the horizon.


Andoks and Mang Inasal are my top budget choices in food while in Boracay. Price ranges from Php 100-300 per meal.


There are a bunch of flea markets and shopping stalls along the beach of Boracay. We usually buy some stuff (Pasalubong, beach outfits etc..) in Talipapa where the prices are kept in minimum. The prices here can be haggled, depends upon your haggling skills.

A smart traveler always find ways to save. Spending money in Boracay is irresistible but there's nothing worse than coming back from your amazing vacation and ended up realising that you overspent.

Bluewater Sumilon Island | A Taste of Luxury and Seclusion

With summer season rapidly approaching, it is time to start planning your vacation with your partner, family and friends. You dealt with daily stressors from business or work and wouldn't hurt if you spend a thousand of pesos of your hard earned money to spend for a week long vacation with your loved ones. There are plenty of amazing destinations in the Philippines, but this island located south east of Cebu in Visayas Region is exceptional. Dubbed as the Queen City of the South, Cebu have a plethora of opulent resorts to choose from but Bluewater Sumilon is one of Cebu's kept secrets.Why? .. let me walk you through the island.

A Taste of Filipino Hospitality

From the moment we arrived we were made very special. A smiling concierge
assisted us and attend to our needs while waiting for our scheduled boat to arrive. Boat schedules below.

Sumilon Boat Schedule

Sumilon Island

The holding area resembles a nipa hut style structure traditionally used in the Philippines. Reservations and payments are made here either in credit card or cash. Parking space? No problem! the holding area has a large parking space, so you don't have to worry about finding a place to park your car.

Bluewater Sumilon
To fully enjoy the 24 hectare island paradise, a short orientation will be done.

Bluewater Sumilon

Bluewater Sumilon

Our Ineffable feeling of excitement grows even more when the summery weather slowly irradiates the turquoise waters surrounding the island. That is why Sumilon by far is the most popular diving spot in the whole of Visayas because of its amazing corals and underwater spectacle. 

Sumilon Island

It was a brief jaunt, which only took 15 minutes from the mainland. There are two boat ports in the island, the east and west side. Luckily,we docked at the famous sandbar located west of the island. It is known for its changing shapes and shifting locations around the island, depending on the season and wind shifts. Truly amazing.

Sumilon Island Sandbar

A Graceful Invitation To Open Air Seclusion

Sumilon's tagline nails it. Why stay in a crowded resort where you can stay in a quiet and secluded place surrounded by turquoise waters, white sand beaches, verdant vegetation, amazing sandbar,good food and awesome staff. A perfect place for a beach wedding, proposals, prenups or just frolic on the sandbar with your family and friends. 

Sumilon Island
Sumilon's Amazing Sandbar

Vanishing Edge Pool

The pool overlooks the Cebu strait and its a perfect setting for a romantic drink under the stars. Visually stunning and gorgeous, the pool is well maintained and have adequate friendly lifeguards on duty. There is a jacuzzi pool perfect for couples just few steps away from the main pool.

Sumilon Infinity Pool

Coma Inducing Lunch

The three course meal is inclusive of the day tour package and serve at 12 noon. The appetizer and the main course meal had a great contrast in textures and taste! the food presentation was also great.

I so love the dessert, the dulcet taste of the "refrigerated minatamis" a dessert dish wherein plantains (locally known as “saging na saba”) are sweetened by cooking in a sweet mixture composed of water, brown sugar, salt, and vanilla extract) makes me crave more. 

Pure Relaxation

From the resto, we made our way down to a  path leading to the white beach. My friends Ruth, January and I decided to hit the brakes and relax for a while before doing some activities.

In the city, you'll hear the honk of the cars and jeepneys, the rattling sounds of the bus and trains,run daily errands and stuck in traffic for hours.In Sumilon, the susurrous sound of the wind and the gentle sound of the surf makes you feel relax and calm.

Sumilon Island

Fun Activities

Adjacent to the beach is a seawater lagoon abundant with mangrove trees along its banks. It also serves as a sanctuary for fishes and other marine life as well. The resort has done a great job preserving the marine life and vegetation around the island.

If you want to get in touch with nature and tone your upper muscles, you can explore the lagoons using Kayaks and Paddle board. Stand up Paddleboarding is not that easy though, but you can find your balance after a few tries. Alongside the banks the resort offers fish feeding station. Room packages including day tour packages are free to use the facility. 

Nearby are the glamping sites, where guests dwell inside tents whose interiors are furnished like regular rooms.Head north and you'll find the old lighthouse. A 19th century historical watchtower that bears testament to the glory days of the Galleon Trade.

Sumilon Island Kayak

Not far from the lagoon is a diving shop for scuba diving enthusiast.Sumilon Island is a popular diving spot in Visayas.Book your next dive here with PADI-certified master divers ready to accompany you on your next dive. There are numerous snorkeling sites around the island teeming with colorful corals and different kinds of marine species.
Amuma Hilot

Indulge yourself, invigorate your mind, soothe away all aches and pains and restore balance in your body with Sumilon's Spa Packages. De-stress your body with the unique touch of Filipino healing and therapeutic traditions. Aside from the Hilot, Amuma Spa offers western and asian massage therapies like Namikoshi Shiatsu, Duot, Hot Stone, Travel Revive Fusion. More infos here.

Sumilon Island

Luxurious Villas

Bask in the sun, or tuck away into a cool shady retreat to a Filipino inspired luxury villa perched just few meters from the beach front.

We left Sumilon Island after several hours because we still have to travel back to Cebu and prep our things for tomorrows flight to Davao City. Sumilon, exceeds all my expectation.You could not get more remote than this and still experience the luxury and pampering of this fabulous island. Hasta la vista Sumilon, till we meet again.

Fun things to do

Hiking and Trekking ( See the old lighthouse and bird watching).
• Romantic Picnic ( Choose a perfect location and the resort can arrange to serve you meals to enhance the romance).
Snorkeling ( Close encounter with different and colorful anemones and fishes).
• Dinner Parties
• Massage ( Indulge and Pamper yourself ).
• Scuba Diving (Discover the underwater views of Sumilon Island).
• Beach Bumming (White beach, Sandbar).
• Kayak and Paddleboarding
• Glamping
• Fish Feeding and Fishing
• Whale and Dolpin Watching ( Discover the gentle giants and the second smartest specie on earth).
• Boat tours ( Hop on a boat and discover the nearby islands).
• Read and Relax at the Hammock ( A selection of bestsellers and historical books will be available for the young and restless).

Final Notes

I would like to express my special thanks to Ms. Margie Munsayac, VP Sales and Marketing Bluewater Resorts for the exclusive pass,trust and letting us feature Bluewater Sumilon in our blog.


How to Get to Boracay | Transportation Guide

Boracay is a relatively  small island located northwest of Panay in the Western Visayas Region of the Philippines. You probably saw this in Brochures, Magazines, Ads, Web, Tv Commercials and had been wanting to go here but you don't know how? Don't overthink you can get to this paradise as easy as pie. Boracay can be reach either by boat, ferry, plane and bus. Details below.

By Air

You cannot fly directly to Boracay, Boracay does not have an airport. The easiest way to get here is to fly from  Manila or Cebu hubs to Caticlan. Caticlan is the jump off port to catch a ferry or banca boat to Boracay Island. Transfer time from Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Ferry Terminal is around 10-15 min. From there, you have to travel by boat (banca) for 20 min to get to Boracay. Updated 2015  schedules to Caticlan by two major flight carriers, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines below.

Cebu Pacific Air | Tiger Air

Route Map here | You can Book here

Manila to Caticlan - Daily flights 0530 | 0600 | 0630 | 0825 | 11:30 | 12:05 | 14:35 | 15:15

Manila to Caticlan via Cebu

Cebu to Caticlan - Daily flights 08:15 | 14:55

Philippine Airlines | Pal Express (Code Share)
Route Map here | You can Book here

Manila to Caticlan - Daily flights 06:00 | 07:00 | 08:25 | 09:25 | 09:40 | 11:15 | 11:55 | 12:30 | 14:05 | 15:10 

0325 to 0435 Manila to Cebu 
0815 to 0925 Cebu to Caticlan
0325 to 0435 Manila to Cebu 
0855 to 0955 Cebu to Caticlan
0420 to 0535 Manila to Cebu 
0815 to 0925 Cebu to Caticlan
0420 to 0535 Manila to Cebu  
0855 to 0955 Cebu to Caticlan
0455 to 0615 Manila to Cebu 
0815 to 0925 Cebu to Caticlan
0455 to 0615 Manila to Cebu  
0855 to 0955 Cebu to Caticlan
0515 to 0635 Manila to Cebu  
0815 to 0925 Cebu to Caticlan
0515 to 0635 Manila to Cebu  
0855 to 0955 Cebu to Caticlan
0615 to 0735 Manila to Cebu  
1455 to 1605 Cebu to Caticlan
0710 to 0825 Manila to Cebu  
1455 to 1605 Cebu to Caticlan
1020 to 1135 Manila to Cebu  
1455 to 1605 Cebu to Caticlan
1210 to 1330 Manila to Cebu  
1455 to 1605 Cebu to Caticlan

Kalibo flights are less cheaper than flights to Caticlan. However, one must travel an hour and a half by air conditioned bus or private mini van, which will take you to Caticlan. Updated 2015  schedules to Kalibo from Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines and AirAsia Philippines below.

Cebu Pacific Air | Tiger Air

Route Map here | You can Book here

Manila to Kalibo - Daily flights 10:00 | 10:45 | 17:00| 17:30 | 22:05
Cebu to Kalibo   - Daily flights  0950

Philippine Airlines | Pal Express (Code Share)
You can Book here
Manila to Kalibo - Daily flights 08:25 | 17:00| 18:15

AirAsia Philippines | AirAsia Zest
You can Book here
Manila to Kalibo - Daily flights 09:45 | 10:45| 15:10 | 17:35 | 20:50

By Land

Boracay is merely 5 hours away from Iloilo City. If your coming from Iloilo, one can take Ceres bus or van bound for Caticlan at Tagbak Terminal along Mcarthur Highway in Jaro, Iloilo City.

Ceres buses have spacious legrooms, comfortable seats and have two stopovers, one for lunch and the other one is in Kalibo. Bus departs every hour until midnight and the last boat to Boracay is 9pm. Bus fare is pegged at Php 346.

The travel time via van is about 4 hours, but you have to wait until the van gets full before it departs Tagbak. Van fare is pegged at Php 400. (This is ideal to those who travel in groups.)

Getting to Tagbak Terminal
• From Iloilo City Proper, take Jaro Liko - Tagbak Terminal bound jeepney. Fare is around Php 10.00.
• From Iloilo Airport, ride a van going to Iloilo City Proper and the fare is around Php 50.00. Alight at Sm City Iloilo or Jaro Plaza.Take a Leganese bound jeepney to Tagbak Terminal. Fare is around Php 8.00.

By Sea
Another alternative is to to take an overnight ferry from Batangas Port to the Port of Caticlan  by 2GO shipping company. Fare is around Php 967 including taxes and fees.

You can Book here

List of Cancelled Flights During The Papal Visit


The papal visit next week, January 15 to 19, has thrown airline schedules in disarray, primarily because of security concerns for Pope Francis, the first pontiff to visit the Philippines in 20 years since Pope John Paul II came to the country in 1995.The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines CAAP has announced limited operations at NAIA during the arrival of Pope Francis on Jan. 15 (2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.), and on Jan. 17 (7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. and 5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.), and when the Holy Father departs on Jan. 19 (6:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.). The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has announced that there will be limited operations at NAIA in line with the preparations for the papal visit.

The following flights are canceled:

Air Asia Philippines
Jan. 15
  • Z2-949: Kuala Lumpur to Manila
  • Z2-940: Manila to Kuala Lumpur
  • Z2-084: Manila to Seoul
  • Z2-085: Seoul to Manila
  • Z2-782: Cebu to Manila
  • Z2-768: Cebu to Manila
  • Z2-324: Manila to Tacloban
  • Z2-325: Tacloban to Manila
  • Z2-272: Manila to Kalibo
  • Z2-273: Kalibo to Manila
  • Z2-352: Manila to Tagbilaran
  • Z2-353: Tagbilaran to Manila
  • Z2-715: Manila to Kalibo
  • Z2-716: Kalibo to Manila
Jan. 17
  • Z2-324: Manila to Tacloban
  • Z2-325: Tacloban to Manila
  • PQ-7461: Manila to Tacloban
  • PQ-7462: Tacloban to Manila
  • PQ-7463: Manila to Tacloban
  • PQ-7464: Tacloban to Manila
Jan. 19
  • Z2-350: Manila to Tagbilaran
  • Z2-351: Tagbilaran to Manila
  • Z2-763: Manila to Cebu
  • Z2-707: Manila to Kalibo

Cathay Pacific
Jan. 18
  • CX913: Hongkong-Manila (Canceled)
Jan. 19
  • CX912: Manila-HongKong (Canceled)
Cathay Pacific new flight schedules:
Jan. 15:
  • CX918: Manila - HongKong 1500-1715 (original schedule: 1755-2010)
  • CX902: Manila - HongKong 1510-1720 (original schedule: 1955-2205)
  • CX919: HongKong - Manila 1055-1300 (original schedule: 1440-1645)
  • CX903: HongKong - Manila 1135-1345 (original schedule: 1635-1845)
Jan. 17:
  • CX2912 (new flight number): Manila - HongKong 0630-0840 (original schedule: CX912, 0845-1055)
  • CX918: Manila - HongKong 1900-2115 (original schedule: 1755-2010)
  • CX902: Manila - HongKong 2110-2320 (original schedule: 1955-2205)
  • CX903: HongKong - Manila 1750-2000 (original schedule: 1635-1845)
Jan. 19:
  • CX906: Manila - HongKong 1155-1415 (original schedule: 1100-1320)
  • CX2907 (new flight number): Hongkong - Manila 0300-0500 (original schedule: CX 907, 0750-0950)
Cebu Pacific

Domestic flights, Jan, 15, 2015:

  • 5J-479 and 480: Manila – Bacolod – Manila
  • 5J-481 and 482: Manila – Bacolod – Manila
  • 5J-487 and 488: Manila – Bacolod – Manila
  • 5J-529 and 530: Manila – Busuanga – Manila
  • 5J-531 and 532: Manila – Busuanga – Manila
  • 5J-539 and 540: Manila – Busuanga – Manila
  • 5J-787 and 788: Manila – Butuan – Manila
  • 5J-899 and 900: Manila – Caticlan – Manila
  • 5J-905 and 906: Manila – Caticlan – Manila
  • 5J-911 and 912: Manila – Caticlan – Manila
  • 5J-573 and 566: Manila – Cebu – Manila
  • 5J-569 and 570: Manila – Cebu – Manila
  • 5J-571 and 572: Manila – Cebu – Manila
  • 5J-385 and 386: Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
  • 5J-389 and 390: Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
  • 5J-391 and 392: Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
  • 5J-629 and 630: Manila – Dumaguete – Manila
  • 5J-955 and 956: Manila – Davao – Manila
  • 5J-969 and 972: Manila – Davao – Manila
  • 5J-973 and 974: Manila – Davao – Manila
  • 5J-975 and 966: Manila – Davao – Manila
  • 5J-979: Manila – Davao
  • 5J-995 and 996: Manila – General Santos – Manila
  • 5J-447 and 448: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-449 and 450: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-455 and 456: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-457 and 458: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-459 and 460: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-461 and 462: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-463 and 464: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-327 and 328: Manila – Legazpi – Manila
  • 5J-329 and 330: Manila – Legazpi – Manila
  • 5J- 639 and 640: Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
  • 5J-653 and 654: Manila – Tacloban – Manila
  • 5J-657 and 658: Manila – Tacloban – Manila
  • 5J-659 and 660 Manila – Tacloban – Manila
  • 5J-506 and 507: Manila – Tuguegarao – Manila
  • 5J-855 and 856: Manila – Zamboanga – Manila
  • 5J-857 and 858: Manila – Zamboanga – Manila
  • 5J-140 and 141:  Cebu – Caticlan – Cebu
  • 5J-960: Davao – Manila

International flights, Jan. 15, 2015:

  •  5J-929 and 930: Manila – Bangkok – Manila
  • 5J-118 and 119: Manila – Hong Kong – Manila
  • 5J-188 and 189: Manila – Incheon – Manila
  • 5J-828 and 827: Manila – Osaka – Manila
  • 5J-5038 and 5039: Manila – Nagoya – Manila
Domestic flights, Jan, 19, 2015:

  • 5J-473 and 474: Manila – Bacolod – Manila
  • 5J-483 and 484: Manila – Bacolod – Manila
  • 5J-485 and 486: Manila – Bacolod – Manila
  • 5J-529 and 530: Manila – Busuanga – Manila
  • 5J-785 and 786: Manila – Butuan – Manila
  • 5J-891 and 892: Manila – Caticlan – Manila
  • 5J-893 and 894: Manila – Caticlan – Manila
  • 5J-895 and 898: Manila – Caticlan – Manila
  • 5J-907 and 896: Manila – Caticlan – Manila
  • 5J-885 and 886: Manila – Cotabato – Manila
  • 5J-561 and 554: Manila – Cebu – Manila
  • 5J-553 and 562: Manila – Cebu – Manila
  • 5J-563 and 564: Manila – Cebu – Manila
  • 5J-381 and 382: Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
  • 5J-383 and 384: Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
  • 5J-397 and 398: Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
  • 5J-196 and 197: Manila – Cauayan – Manila
  • 5J-625 and 626: Manila – Dumaguete – Manila
  • 5J-961 and 962: Manila – Davao – Manila
  • 5J-963 and 964: Manila – Davao – Manila
  • 5J-975 and 966: Manila – Davao – Manila
  • 5J-991 and 992: Manila – General Santos – Manila
  • 5J-451 and 452: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-453 and 454: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • 5J-323 and 324: Manila – Legazpi – Manila
  • 5J-521 and 522: Manila – Naga – Manila
  • 5J-781 and 782: Manila – Ozamiz – Manila
  • 5J-771 and 772: Manila – Pagadian – Manila
  • 5J-635 and 636: Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
  • 5J-637 and 638: Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
  • 5J-513 and 514: Manila – San Jose – Manila
  • 5J-651 and 652: Manila – Tacloban – Manila
  • 5J-617 and 618: Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila
  • 5J-821 and 822: Manila – Virac – Manila
  • 5J-849 and 850: Manila – Zamboanga – Manila    
  • 5J-851 and 852: Manila – Zamboanga – Manila
  • 5J-857 and 858: Manila – Zamboanga – Manila
  • 5J-134 and 135: Cebu – Caticlan – Cebu
International flights, Jan. 19, 2015:

  • 5J-929 and 930: Manila – Bangkok – Manila
  • 5J-108 and 109: Manila – Hong Kong – Manila
  • 5J-110 and 111: Manila – Hong Kong – Manila

Philippine Airlines

Domestic flights, Jan. 15, 2015:
  • 2P-2907 and 2908: Manila-Bacolod-Manila
  • 2P-2033 and 2034: Manila-Busuanga-Manila
  • 2P-2527 and 2528: Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila
  • 2P-2525 and 2526: Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila 
  • 2P-2057 and 2058: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2049 and 2050: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2063 and 2064: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2053 and 2054: Manila-Caticlan-Manila 
  • 2P-2817 and 2818: Manila-Davao-Manila
  • 2P-2819 and 2820: Manila-Davao-Manila
  • 2P-2823 and 2824: Manila-Davao-Manila 
  • 2P-2543 and 2544: Manila-Dumaguete-Manila
  • 2P-2196 and 2197: Manila-Laoag-Manila
  • 2P-2927 and 2928: Manila-Legazpi-Manila
  • 2P-2787 and 2788: Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila
  • 2P-2095 and 2096: Manila-Surigao-Manila
  • 2P-2985 and 2986: Manila-Tacloban-Manila
  • 2P:2987 and 2988: Manila-Tacloban-Manila
  • 2P-2777 and 2778: Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila
  • 2P-2014 and 2015: Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila
  • 2P-2997 and 2998: Manila-Zamboanga-Manila
  • 2P-2808: Davao-Manila (Jan. 16)
  • PR2860: Cebu-Manila 
  • PR-2861 and 2862: Manila-Cebu-Manila
  • PR-2863: Manila-Cebu
International flights, Jan. 15, 2015:
  • PR-511 and 502: Manila-Singapore-Manila
  • PR-318 and 319: Manila-Hong Kong-Manila
  • PR-312 and 313: Manila-Hong Kong-Manila
  • PR408: Manila-Kansai 
  • PR-736 and 737: Manila-Bangkok-Manila
  • PR-100 and 101: Manila-Honolulu-Manila
Domestic flights, Jan. 19, 2015:
  • 2P-2903 and 2914: Manila-Bacolod-Manila
  • 2P-2084 and 2085: Manila-Basco-Manila 
  • 2P-2031 and 2032: Manila-Busuanga-Manila 
  • 2P-2967 and 2968: Manila-Butuan-Manila
  • PR-1519 and 1520: Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila
  • 2P-2071 and 2072: Manila-Calbayog-Manila
  • 2P-2079 and 2080: Manila-Catarman-Manila
  • 2P-2039 and 2040: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2045 and 2046: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2043 and 2044: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2051and 2052: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2059 and 2060: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2041 and 2042: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
  • 2P-2811 and 2810: Manila-Davao-Manila
  • 2P-2813 and 2814: Manila-Davao-Manila
  • 2P-2931 and 2940: Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 2P-2969 and 2970: Manila-Kalibo-Manila
  • 2P-2925 and 2926: Manila-Legazpi-Manila
  • 2P-2265 and 2266: Manila-Naga-Manila
  • 2P-2889 and 2890: Manila-Ozamiz-Manila
  • 2P-2781 and 2782: Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila 
  • 2P-2201 and 2202: Manila-Roxas-Manila
  • 2P-2095 and 2096: Manila-Surigao-Manila
  • 2P-2981 and 2982: Manila-Tacloban-Manila
  • 2P-2773 and 2774: Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila
  • 2P-2993 and 2994: Manila-Zamboanga-Manila
  • 2P-2991 and 2992: Manila-Zamboanga-Manila
  • 2P-2245 and 2246: Zamboanga-Jolo-Zamboanga
  • PR-2841 and 2842: Manila-Cebu-Manila
  • PR2846: Cebu-Manila
  • PR:2849: Manila-Cebu
International flights, Jan. 19, 2015:
  • PR-300 and 301: Manila-Hong Kong-Manila
  • PR-312:Manila-Hong Kong (Jan. 18) and  PR-313: Hong Kong-Manila
  • PR-509: Manila-Singapore (Jan. 18) and  PR-510: Singapore-Manila
  • PR-422 and 421: Manila-Haneda-Manila 
  • PR-424 and 423: Manila-Haneda-Manila (Jan. 18)
  • PR-730 and 731: Manila-Bangkok-Manila
  • PR-539 and 540: Manila-Jakarta-Manila
  • PR-426 and 425: Manila-Fukuoka-Manila
  • PR-507 and 508: Manila-Singapore-Manila
Tiger Air Philippines

Domestic flights, Jan. 15, 2015:

  • DG-7084 and 7085: Manila – Bacolod – Manila 
  • DG-7829 and 7830: Manila – Butuan – Manila 
  • DG-7804 and 7805: Manila – Cebu – Manila
  • DG-7028 and 7029: Manila – Davao – Manila
  • DG-7406 and 7407: Manila – General Santos – Manila 
  • DG-7058 and 7059: Manila – Kalibo – Manila
  • DG-7062 and 7063: Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
  • DG-7602 and 7603: Manila – Roxas – Manila
Domestic flights, Jan. 19, 2015:
  • DG-7082 and 7083: Manila – Bacolod – Manila 
  • DG-7002 and 7003: Manila – Cebu – Manila
  • DG-7072 and 7073: Manila – Iloilo – Manila 
  • DG-7074 and 7075: Manila – Iloilo – Manila
  • DG-7054 and 7055: Manila – Kalibo – Manila 
  • DG-7042 and 7043: Manila – Tacloban – Manila
  • DG-7044 and 7045: Manila – Tacloban – Manila 
  • DG-7902 and 7903: Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila 
How to rebook

Air Asia Philippines: For more information and assistance, guests may call +632 742 2742 open daily from Monday to Sunday at 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Cebu Pacific and Tiger Air Philippines: Passengers affected by canceled flights may rebook within 30 days from the original departure date without additional charges or request for a full travel fund or refund.
You may call (632) 7020888 or (6332) 2308888 to specify their preferred option.
Passengers may also visit the following Cebu Pacific ticket offices:
  • NAIA Terminal 3 Sales Office at Level 3, Departure Hall, NAIA Terminal 3, Andrews Ave., Pasay City
  • NAIA Terminal 4 Express Ticket Office at Old Domestic Road, Pasay City
  • Robinsons Galleria atWest Lane, Level 1, Ortigas Ave. cor. ADB Ave. Quezon City
  • Robinsons Place Imus at Level 4, Aguinaldo Highway Imus, Cavite
  • Robinsons Place Manila at Level 1 Adriatico Wing, Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St. Ermita Manila
  • Cebu Airport Ticket Office at Mactan International Airport, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu City
  • Robinsons Fuente at Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City

Philippine Airlines: Passengers affected may refund tickets without penalty or rebook within 30 days from the original travel date without penalty, provided that tickets are still valid.
The airline said it will allow rerouting under certain conditions.
You may call 632-8558888 for rebooking and refund assistance